People who are suffering from mental health issues must go for professional therapy sessions. It helps in managing the emotions and takes out the negativity by fixing the cause. The occupational therapists are trained to help people who are going through mental health issues, and it helps the patient to overcome the surge in their negative emotions and calms their psychological health. Many people, however, cannot afford to go to a therapist, which is one of the reasons why there has been a rapid surge in the number of people joining Talkspace lately. Talkspace is a mobile therapy app that can be easily downloaded on a mobile phone. It helps people consult with the licensed therapist at a low price, which is far economical than a traditional therapy session.

Recently, Talkspace has been gaining a lot of new members, and the surge has been especially astounding since Donald Trump’s win in the Presidential election in the United States. Even though there might not be any connection between the rise in the number of people joining and Trump’s win in the election, the timing of surge and election at the same time is unusual. Oren Frank, one of the co-founders behind Talkspace, said that people could consult with the licensed therapist on Talkspace at a meager price, and same principles of privacy and trust bind the relationship between the therapist and the user as in conventional therapy.

Talkspace has over 1,000 licensed therapists for consultation. The process of getting started at Talkspace is straightforward, and people can get started talking to a therapist within minutes of joining. Talkspace gives the people the convenience of avail therapy even in their busy life without having to travel to the therapist’s office. As per the recent reports, it is found that most of the new members joining Talkspace are millennials.