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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Soon To Step Down At Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been seen as a successful person in the banking industry and is quite popular and well known among many business executives in Brazil. He is still the current CEO at Bradesco, as well as providing guidance, advice, and instructions in the finance sectors in Brazil.

As a bank, Bradesco was once seen as the most well known Brazilian bank and now has continued to produce amazing results over the years as the second largest and second overall national placement. Bradesco has not ceased its investments in its business interests and has not backed off on expanding its bank agency expansion project. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is responsible for Bradesco’s successful banking into the modern era, while it went through its modernization phase throughout the 1980s. Trabuco holds the merit in several considerable credit contracts and in many important financial projects that are focused on building infrastructure throughout Brazil.

Trabuco’s leadership role as an essential part in Bradesco deciding what priorities would become Bradesco’s primary business objectives. Trabuco is definitely the reason that Bradesco was able to secure solid financial results even as the second bank in Brazil. Trabuco’s financial advice is also followed by groups of leaders in Brazil, including executives and even political figures. Trabuco often delivers updates to the press that are featured as magazine cover stores and many newspaper headlines.

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Prior to the merger between Unibanco and Itaú, Bradesco was the largest private bank in Brazil. Itaú-Unibanco posed a challenge to Trabuco, who decided that fighting to regain its position as the largest bank would not be worthwhile. Instead, Trabuco designed a business strategy that focused on making all bank services better and redesigning all agencies as well. This was designed to make Bradesco organically instead of through mergers and acquisitions as other banks often rely on for growth. With the success of the plan, Trabuco solidified his reputation and gained even greater recognition from the banking industry.

In late 2017, Trabuco released to the press that he would be stepping down from his position at Bradesco as CEO at some point in 2018. In addition, he announced that he would be taking on a position on the board that had belonged to the bank’s longest presiding board member, Lázaro de Mello Brandão, who had been the president of the Administrative Council. Moreover, Trabuco holds a waiver blocking the age limit for one to preside as CEO past the age of 65 until the end of 2018, should a successor not be chosen by Bradesco as soon as expected.

Many market and financial experts are confident that Bradesco might have decided on its next CEO until March 2018. Trabuco has stated that this process will be very detailed as it is important that his successor be prepared to deal with the multiple aspects of the Bradesco group and be able to lead Bradesco on every level of its interlocking businesses.

The majority of the mainstream media figures believe that the most likely candidate to succeed Trabuco is Bradesco’s current VP of technology. Even so, it is very well possible that any of its current board members could be chosen as the next CEO to lead Bradesco Group.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a long lasting marriage which generated three children. Trabuco holds a Philosophy degree earned at USP (Universidade de São Paulo) and also a Social Psychology degree from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo).

Chances are that Bradesco would not have excelled in its modernization phase it faced in the 80s had Luiz Carlos Trabuco not been its leader. Trabuco was also able to remedy Bradesco’s blemished image with the media, through use of his openness and charisma before the media. Trabuco also had a hand in the creation of Bradesco Prime, which was crowned as Bradesco’s VIP bank.

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Jorge Moll, a Knowledgeable Neuroscientist

Jorge Moll was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro by his Brazilian parents. He attended his graduate studies in 1994 at the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro in Medicine. He then pursued his Ph.D. in 2004 at the University of Sao Paulo in the area of Science (Human Physiology). After completing his Ph.D., Jorge continued with a post-doctoral degree where he specialized in cognitive neuroscience.

Currently, Jorge Moll serves as the head of a unit that deals with Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. He is also the president and the director of D’Or Institute of Research and Education which is in Rio De Janeiro.

He has carried researchers on neurological disorders and one of them focused on patients whose brains were not able to control their emotions. Jorge’s research aimed at facilitating emotional transitions between different states. To achieve accurate results, he made use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) to carry out his experiments.

Since specializing and spending most of his time researching on cognitive neurology, Jorge Moll has come up with major developments which have been used in treating these disorders ( He has found most of the solutions but still carries on with the researches to make sure that the emerging disorders are dealt with. This is because research is a continuous event.

The researchers will also raise an alarm on the threats arising on the human neurology as well as try to make 100% treatment or even prevention of occurrence of these disorders.

From his neurological expertise, Jorge Moll has headed several types of research that seeks to provide solutions to specific neurological disorders. He has also been a research fellow working on different projects under different researchers.

Jorge Moll has won several awards for his research work which he carries out deeply until he can get findings that he develops to find solutions for complex problems. The awards include distinctions Research Fellow NIH award of (2004-2007). Jorge received a Visiting Scholar Award in 2015 from Stanford Neuroscience Institute of Stanford University.

He became a member of the Brazilian Academy of science through elected affiliation in 2008. He has been a board member of the elected governors of the International Neuroethics Society from (2012-2013).