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The First Amendment Must be Protected

Where do you think all of the courageous people have gone? It seems nowadays that no one is willing to take a stand for their morals or their values. It seems that we Americans, who have traditionally fought for the rights of others, are just quietly sitting back allowing others to be persecuted and doing nothing to help them in return.

Two true proud Americans who are not guilty of this vile complacency are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men are very passionate proponents of immigration rights. Living in the state of Arizona they have seen firsthand the horribly inhumane acts the Americans are committing toward those of the Hispanic race. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

In order to turn around the world view and mindset of the average American, they publish magazines and journals. These magazines and journals are published through the Village Voice Media.

In these various publications, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin often focus on the crimes being committed by Americans toward Hispanics and also describe the plight that the Latino community faces which drive them to enter this country illegally. They hope that the average American will gain compassion for what these people are going through.

By constantly advocating for immigration rights, they have stood directly against a man known as America’s toughest Sheriff. This tough Sheriff is named Joseph Arpaio. Working for the Maricopa County Police Department, Arpaio has been able to systematically persecute Hispanics that are unlucky enough to come in to his sights.

One example of Joseph Arpaio doing despicable things to Hispanics concerns a woman who had a miscarriage due to Sheriff Joe Arpaio denying her her rights. To keep a long story short, a pregnant woman complained to security guards that she was not feeling her baby move.

She asked to see a physician but was denied that request. She had a miscarriage that could have been stopped had she seen a physician. To make it even worse, this poor mother was not even allowed to attend the celebration of life for her unborn child.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have taken Sheriff Joe Arpaio to task over these kind of crimes.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio however, does not want his “good name” to be slandered. So he convinced several corrupt judges to sign he illegal warrant the allowed him to go into their homes and gather all evidence against him to be destroyed. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin protested that this was going against their constitutional right of free speech, Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested them for obstructing justice

All of these acts of Sheriff Joe Arpaio toward Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were you legal. This illegal action caused Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to inherit $3.75 million from the United States government.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would expand their focus to now include fighting on behalf of the first amendment. They see the first amendment is being eroded right in front of our eyes but Americans are blind to this.

Talk Fusion Takes Email Video to a New Level

Talk Fusion is a company that offers an ingenious video email messaging service, arguably the first of its kind. With the Talk Fusion App, users can now utilize their e-mail to perform video calling, video newsletters and so much more, all from their web browser. There’s no need for downloading bulky videos, waiting for them to load, only to then delete them–that is all in the past now. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s software works by way of WebRTC, or Real Time Communication. WebRTC has been drastically underutilized for years, but Talk Fusion is working to revive it. WebRTC works by allowing browser users to permit the sharing of their browser codes to others, in this case, Talk Fusion. By utilizing these code, the full capabilities of web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox are unlocked, allowing videos to be embedded straight into the email.


This is the future, as video email hold unlimited possibilities. Users can send personalized videos to clients and make video-to-video calls — there’s even the potential of one day turning your email into a social media feed! The possibilities are endless, and truthfully, it is about time for the archaic e-mail to receive a system update, finally bringing it into the 21st century.


The company in question, Talk Fusion, is revolutionizing the world of marketing with their video e-mail. This is no surprise, as CEO and Founder Bob Reina, has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry. A respected industry man, he has accumulated such a following that he decided to establish Talk Fusion University in an effort to spread his wisdom to others so that they too may find success in the industry. With over 30 videos available, and more being uploaded on a regular basis, Mr. Reina breaks down his business strategies about marketing Talk Fusion to others, a part of his multi-level Marketing game plan that turned him from a zero to a hero, despite lacking any sales experience at the beginning of his career.


For more information on Talk Fusion’s award-winning products, visit their site.


Hussain Sajwani Is The Model Businessman of the Century

When Hussain Sajwani worked for his father as a schoolboy in the family store, he obviously learned a lot, as today Sajwani is one of the wealthiest Arabs in the world.

It was a little different back then when he was under his father’s tutelage in the Dubai variety store that featured imports from China, office supplies, and consumer items. Hussain had remarked to his father that he thought he would rather just get a degree and be a professional, rather than be self-employed and have to work all of those hours.

Hussain did receive a degree from the University of Washington in economics and engineering. He then returned home to Dubai where he started work as an engineer with a Dubai gas company.

Hussain’s role as an employee came to an end, however, when he saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. He launched a catering company which sold food to the US Army during the Gulf Wars in the early nineties in Kuwait and Iraq.

That venture was a great success and Hussain learned a lot about running a good sized company in the bargain. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

In the year of 2002, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties, a real estate development and management firm to take advantage of another opportunity.

The UAE had just announced that they were relaxing the rules in regard to foreign nationals immigrating to the UAE. Sajwani predicted that this would be the cause of a very large boom in real estate and land development, and it turned out that he was right on the money.

Sajwani was very good at promotion and marketing and the DAMAC brand was well-known early due to his efforts. In fact, his very first real estate project was sold out completely before the construction was even started.

DAMAC was to become the foundation of the Hussain Sajwani family becoming a real force in the real estate market in the Dubai area and beyond.

Since the foundation of DAMAC, the company has built 19,000 apartments and there are 44,000 more properties that are in different stages of development.

Sajwani, the DAMAC owner is the spark behind the firestorm of the development and implementation of this dynamic brand.

Read more: The Rise and Rice of Damac and Hussain Sajwani | LinkedIn

What You Can Expect From Stream Energy in Its Expansion in Delaware

You could get a lot of articles online about Stream, but most of them are fledgling articles that don’t contribute a lot to your knowledge. In this article, we will try to help you cope with the copious amounts of information that you can read online about Stream. What we will offer you is a concise deconstruction of the things you can read online about the services from Stream. Shall we start (


The Energy in Delaware

One of the latest articles you can read about Stream is the news about its latest expansion to Delaware. Right now the Energy Services and Wireless Protective Home Services from Stream can now be acquired by people who reside in Delaware. The energy solutions from the archive of Stream have a lot to do with how people can save with their power consumption without losing the quality of the services they’re acquiring. With the opening of the Illinois market, there’s now a lot of things that can be done by people in Delaware with the services from Stream.


The ever-expanding toolset and energy solutions that come from Stream also help people earn a little bit extra with the referral and multi-level marketing system that’s ingrained in Stream’s selling platform. Larry Mondry, the President, and CEO of Stream, also released in the public media event that the addition of Delaware into their list of energy states is another exemplary and perfect reason to get excited about.


During the launch of the Delaware branch, there were customers chosen by Stream to receive a six-month fixed-rate package or plan that will help them save money if they take on a yearly fixed-rate contract (DailyForexReport). With such competitive marketing strategy from Stream, it’s now wondering why it is right now one of the trusted and significantly popular companies in the market today.


About Stream

You may be wondering what actually constitutes the Stream company. One of the things that you probably don’t know about Stream is that it is right now one of the most leading direct-selling firms in the market that provide a leading set of products that help customers get better energy deals in the market.

Troy Mcquagge the Business Mogul

Troy Mcquagge is an entrepreneur hailing from Panama City in the state of Florida. Troy was educated at Central Florida University. Troy has a wide expertise in sales which has spanned the duration of thirty years. Tory is currently living in Texas while working for the US Health advisors. He started his career in the sales of health insurance where he spent the better part of his career. Troy joined Allstate Insurance in 1983 where he served for a long time. In the wake of 1995, he shifted to UICI health market. Troy joined USHEALTH group in 2010 as its president and Chief Executive Officer. He worked judiciously with other stakeholders in making health insurance sales until high-profit margins were realized. Troy is heading the US health group in the same docket to date.

Troy started from a humble setup after his schooling and then getting all his focus concentrated solely on his assignment for a good deal of time.Troy was still determined to excel in his profession so he worked hard and managed to scoop the One Planet Business and Excellence Awards that occurred in 2016. It is one of the most prestigious award s that is coveted by many. Winning the award was no mean feat given that Troy had tuned all his faculties on his duties on a day-to-day basis. The competition is open to submissions from all companies in the world. The participation is also open to both the public and private sector. The interested parties deliver their nominees and then the nominees are subject to an engaging panel that scrutinizes the performance of the given individuals. Troy was elected to his position out of merit because he transformed the company by retooling the advisors. The company registered massive success in that sector and within the time span that Troy was in office.

Mcquagge received the Gold award but he rather attributed the success to the many uncelebrated heroes who worked round the clock to ensure the process was a success. Troy shared credit with every member as he termed the success as a concerted effort from all the stakeholders in the company. Click here for more reviews.


The Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Some people might find it hard and difficult to trust any thing the financial service have to say no in day ever since the market crash. With more and more businesses loosing the trust of the people, it is hard to find one that truly sticks out. With all that being said, luckily there is Equities First Holdings. A company that was founded in 2002 and gees so fast that they opened an office in the UK by the year 2004. More recently the company has opened an office in the city of NEW York, where they conduct business with the local elites and so. The company is a consulting firm, but does a lot more that just that. If you are interested in learn and preparing for your financial future then this is the place for you to go. The company is based in Indiana, but also has office all around the world.