End Citizens United, a leading PAC that is known for its fight against the uncontrolled flow of money into politics, decided to support ten reform champions in the 2018 elections. Interestingly, all of them vowed to fight against the rigged system that is currently ruling the Washington. They also expressed the feeling that the big money and special interest groups are working against the mandate of the people. The list of candidates includes Abby Finkenauer from IA-01, Joe Neguse from CO-02, Gretchen Driskell from MI-07, Susie Lee from NV-03, Angie Craig from MN-02, Ken Harbaugh from OH-07, Betsy Rader from OH-14, Christina Hartman from PA-16, Daylin Leach from PA-07, and Joe Cunningham from SC-01.

The President of the PAC, Tiffany Muller, confirmed that the Congress is infected with politicians who are puppets of their big money donors, and the time has reached to remove them from there. She further added that the list of candidates supported by ECU has pledged to fight against such corrupting influences, which easily supplies the needs of money donors, through meaningful finance reform legislation. Muller continued that the PAC is elated to work with the candidates at the grass root level by mobilizing ECU members to make the candidates get elected. In addition to that, the PAC has set a target of raising nearly $35 million for the election scheduled in 2018 accounting with an average donation target of $14.

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ECU has a mission of bringing back the unrigged system by ending the extravaganza of big money donors for utilizing politicians to run the administration to protect their business interests. The group that is working at the grass root level is trying to accumulate the voice of everyday Americans and their families to end the era of big money politics. ECU was established by some political activists under the leadership of Muller in 2015. The mission of the PAC was to remove the adverse effects that created by the Citizen United Supreme Court order in 2010. The court order was widely criticized by the political activists as a gateway for corporations to purchase the election system of the country by pumping unlimited money for their nominees.

While endorsing the reform champions, the PAC is also working to expose the representatives who are the puppets of money donors. It also warns the people about the danger the country and its democratic system facing, in the wake Russian infiltration into the campaign process during the 2016 Presidential Election. The PAC thinks that the situation is highly vulnerable as the current campaign finance laws and the system cannot successfully dilute the attacks of foreign groups and restrict their access to the system. End Citizens United wanted the message of imminent threat to be passed to the people, and it campaigns through social media platforms, mass media network, awareness programs, and more.