For years now, dog food companies have been combining lamb and salmon into their products, and providing grain-free and organic choices to consumers. These days, some of the most well-known dog food companies are enhancing their marketing efforts in order to compete with newer brands like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet, which are leading the way when it comes to gourmet pet food that looks a lot like human entrees.

Beneful, a brand from Purinastore, also provides wholesome foods for dogs. Beneful offers both dry and wet dog foods, as well as dog treats that includes the flavors dogs love, like peanut butter and bacon. Purina also offers dog owners the option of customizing Beneful dog food on the company’s website. Colgate-Palmolive has also introduced a dog food line that is designed for canine weight loss. Meals from the company include fruits that cranberries and blueberries that are harvested at peak season and freeze-dried so the nutrient content is maintained. Cesar Home Delights from Mars even sells “human” food for dogs, like beef stroganoff and lasagna.

Milo’s Kitchen, which is part of the J.M Smucker company, has also recently acquired Big Heart Pet Brands for $5.8 billion. Big Heart, much like Purina, sells treats for dogs that are filled with healthy ingredients, like quality duck and beef.

There’s also food that is specialized for older dogs. Beneful has a line of senior dog food called Bright Minds. The food includes medium chain triglycerides, which are derived from coconut oil. This type of fat is ideal for senior dogs, since the pets can metabolize medium-chain triglycerides well and have more energy.

Freshpet even offers refrigerated meals for pets, which are sold in popular stores like Whole Foods Market, Walmart and Target. Pet owners are embracing the notion that their pets should eat meals that eat the same standards as human foods, since many consider their dogs to be part of the family.