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Troy Mcquagge the Business Mogul

Troy Mcquagge is an entrepreneur hailing from Panama City in the state of Florida. Troy was educated at Central Florida University. Troy has a wide expertise in sales which has spanned the duration of thirty years. Tory is currently living in Texas while working for the US Health advisors. He started his career in the sales of health insurance where he spent the better part of his career. Troy joined Allstate Insurance in 1983 where he served for a long time. In the wake of 1995, he shifted to UICI health market. Troy joined USHEALTH group in 2010 as its president and Chief Executive Officer. He worked judiciously with other stakeholders in making health insurance sales until high-profit margins were realized. Troy is heading the US health group in the same docket to date.

Troy started from a humble setup after his schooling and then getting all his focus concentrated solely on his assignment for a good deal of time.Troy was still determined to excel in his profession so he worked hard and managed to scoop the One Planet Business and Excellence Awards that occurred in 2016. It is one of the most prestigious award s that is coveted by many. Winning the award was no mean feat given that Troy had tuned all his faculties on his duties on a day-to-day basis. The competition is open to submissions from all companies in the world. The participation is also open to both the public and private sector. The interested parties deliver their nominees and then the nominees are subject to an engaging panel that scrutinizes the performance of the given individuals. Troy was elected to his position out of merit because he transformed the company by retooling the advisors. The company registered massive success in that sector and within the time span that Troy was in office.

Mcquagge received the Gold award but he rather attributed the success to the many uncelebrated heroes who worked round the clock to ensure the process was a success. Troy shared credit with every member as he termed the success as a concerted effort from all the stakeholders in the company. Click here for more reviews.


Bruce Levenson’s Work As An NBA Owner And Chairman Of UCG

Bruce Levenson’s sale of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks was conducted successfully about a year and a half ago,, but there has still been some fallout that’s occurred between his ownership group and their former insurance company. The insurance company is being taken to court regarding a contract buyout for the team’s former General Manager that Levenson’s group say the insurance company is required to honor a claim they filed for in the case. Levenson purchased most of the shares of the Atlanta Hawks back in 2004 along with Atlanta Spirit, LLC and he and the group owned the team and its arena up until 2015 when they decided to sell. Levenson is also the Chairman of United Communications Group (UCG) and also sits on the boards of other organizations.

Bruce Levenson is a native of Washington D.C. and began his career in journalism after graduating from Washington University. He also holds a J.D. from American University but has never practiced law. He was a reporter for the now defunct Washington Star for a few years and then he and his friend Ed Peskowitz founded UCG right out of their own apartment. It started a long Time with several small newsletters but then went on to acquire several major industry publications. Levenson helped start TechTarget under UCG before it became its own entity, and later he helped found GasBuddy, a gas price app.

Levenson also helped run Hoop Dreams, a basketball competition in Washington D.C. that helped raise scholarships for inner city students. He’s the founder of the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland, a branch of the University aimed at encouraging future business owners to give back to their communities. He also is involved with the Holocaust Memorial Museum and helped start their “Bringing the Lessons Home” program.

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Rick Shinto: The Driving Force Behind InnovaCare Health’s Success

InnovaCare Health is one of the largest healthcare providers in North America and is specifically centered on Puerto Rico. InnovaCare affirms its dedication to building strong relationships between the patients and the providers by providing quality health care services.

Using their Medicare and Medicaid programs through the provider networks generated, InnovaCare Health fulfills its commitment towards offering healthcare models that are integrated with advanced technologies, sustainable, and cost-effective.

InnovaCare provides PMC Medicare Choice and MMM HealthCare to its 200,000 plus members. These members are served by 7500 providers who go above and beyond to ensure that they are satisfied. It also handles two Medicaid programs that are incorporated in the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico.

In an attempt to reform payment models, InnovaCare Health has joined the HHS Initiative. This initiative involves a healthcare payment Learning and Action Network. The LAN is a partnership between the public and private sectors that seek to develop a payment model that puts emphasis on quality as opposed to quantity in the U.S health system. In line with this, the organization has created objectives that will contribute to payment reform and give continuous progress updates to the LAN. This was incepted in 2016.

The current president and CEO is Dr. Richard Shinto, better known as Rick Shinto. He has an incubation of 20 years operational and clinical expertise in managed care. Before he joined InnovaCare, Rick Shinto was the CEO of Aveta Inc and was also a member of the management team.

He has worked with other large healthcare providers such as NAMM California, MedPartners, Cal-Optima Health Plan and Medical Pathways Management Company.

While he was at Aveta Inc, Rick Shinto was awarded the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. This award gives recognition to individuals who display extraordinary excellence and success in financial performance, innovation, and personal commitment to their businesses.

He has also received the Access to Caring Award in 2014, in his tenure as the CEO of InnovaCare Health.

In July 2016, Rick Shinto announced the addition of three members to their executive management team; Jonathan Meyers who took up the position of chief actuary officer, Penelope Kokkinides assumed the role of chief administrative officer and Mike Sorti, chief accounting officer.

Rick Shinto ascertains that Penelope Kokkinides brings the organization a high level of professional integrity, expertise, and experience. She has more than two decades of experience with a specialization in managed care and government products such as Medicaid and Medicare.

Penelope Kokkinides has previously worked as the COO and executive vice president of Centerlight HealthCare. She has also worked in AmeriChoice, a sub-unit of UnitedHealth Group. She has taken charge of designing and implementing health models that improve overall organizational efficiency and infrastructure.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have been integral in the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid packages at InnovaCare Health- marketing strategies that have brought the company great success.

The Legacy of Bruce Levenson

Over the past couple of years, few people have had as big of an influence on the NBA as Bruce Levenson. His tactics for turning around the Hawks are still being studied today. When he took over the team, the Hawks were lacking in talent and effort. He knew that he had a tough job, but he quickly got to work investing in the team and the fans. Over the course of time, he has been able to take the team to a new level. Not only has this helped fan support, but the team is competitive again.

Bruce Levenson

In the early part of his career, Bruce Levenson founded UCG and was working in corporate America. He decided to go out on his own and start a company. Although it was hard work, he believed in the ideas that he had. He would eventually sell that company and use the proceeds to buy the Hawks. According to ESPN, this is one of the biggest reasons that he was equipped to take things to the next level with the team so quickly. He had the experience needed to come in and make positive changes quickly.

In the coming years, Bruce Levenson wants to start investing in the lives of others. He is now involved in a lawsuit with the team, and he hopes it is settled soon. During his time as owner, he started a lot of community events to help people who lived in Atlanta.