Fabletics active wear was created by the same creators of the JustFab Brand. Co-C.E.Os., Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, along with Kate Hudson, launched Fabletics after they noticed the active wear marketplace was an area that had not been tapped into often. There were plenty of luxury brands that were on the market but none of those brands offered stylish and high quality gear at a price the average consumer could afford. These three joined created forces, and in 2013, the Fabletics name was born.

Kate Hudson, an actress and mother of two, is passionate about motivating and supporting women to lead healthy and active lives which led her to help create Fabletics. Each month, she shares her favorite outfits, so the consumer can see that she approves them, as well as, wear them herself. Fabletics active wear was created to inspire women to stay active, whether that’s sweating in a gym or chasing after the kids. The designs are high in quality at prices anyone could afford. The mantra that Fabletics Brand stand behind is – “Live Your Passion” – every day.

Fabletics has launched commercial campaigns on pinterest.com to introduce the active wear to the consumer. The commercials are full of humor, all while showing the different ways to wear the pieces. There are pieces to work out in, lounge in, and even go to sleep in. The commercials for Fabletics show just how versatile the active wear is all while Kate, being in shape, an active mother, and attractive, play on the desire for most people to want to be in shape. Fitness and living healthy lives are on the minds of many consumers in this day and age. The commercial campaigns on Instagram feature Kate, and other actresses, in different exercise and athletic situations, enjoying being active, all while taking advantage of the comfort of the Fabletics wear.

The best part of the Fabletics active wear is the ability to purchase outfits monthly under for $40 a month. With the ability to mix and match outfits and opt out of purchasing each month, the affordability of Fabletics make the brand easy, convenient, and stylish. Who wouldn’t want the option to buy sleepwear, active wear, and everyday simple items for an affordable amount? Consumers like the option of being able to pick and choose what they want and need without being forced to pay for items they don’t want. Thanks to the commercials and Kate Hudson for introducing a great idea and product to an already health conscious world. Now that the world can see how great the Fabletics brand is, they can purchase and fall in love with the pieces just as Kate Hudson has. Fabletics Brand has revolutionized being active, all in an affordable manner.