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The Road To Success Of Doe Deere – From Homeless Russian Immigrant To CEO

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, which is a digital first cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics brand. She was born in Xenia Vorotova in Russia, and was raised in New York City. The Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics founded her company in the fall of 2008. Recently, she was featured on Entrepreneur where she wrote about her road to becoming an entrepreneur, putting an emphasis on why United States is a good place for immigrants.

Doe Deere states that when she was young she saw America as a place where anything is possible, getting the message from music, movies, and magazines. She moved to the United States with her mother and her young sister when she was 17 years old, in 1998. The population in New York City was 7.4 million, which was a big contrast to the half million where she used to live in Izhevsk. Despite their efforts, they were forced to check into a homeless shelter in Manhattan on Lexington Avenue, where they stayed for 6 months, and continued to work and save money.

In 1999 they were introduced to Sanctuary for Families by a social worker. Sanctuary for Families is non-profit legal organization which helps women immigrants. Doe Deere’s mother was an accountant in Russia, but due to the fact that her papers were taking too long to transfer she was not able to get a job. The leader of Sanctuary for Families helped her mother get her first accountant job in America, and helped Doe Deere get into the Fashion Institute of Technology and her sister into Columbia University.

By the year 2000, the 3 were transferred from their homeless shelter to 110th Street in East Harlem at the Lehman Projects. Despite the area being considered gang territory, the 3 didn’t complain and continued to work hard. By late 2000s, Doe Deere adopted her famous moniker and launched her own company, Lime Crime in 2008 – with 35 employees in Los Angeles. She points out the fact that she has the United States to thank for giving her the opportunity to pursue her vision.

6 Beautiful Reasons We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Doe Deere

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is an adorable and might we say extremely colorful face behind the hugely popular Lime Crime cosmetics line. She is the self-proposed “Queen of Unicorns,” and a lovely positive-vibed change maker in today’s aggressive cosmetic industry. Doe is relatively young to have such an accelerated success, and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping her where she is.

Here are 6 beautiful reasons we can’t help but fall in love with Doe Deere over and over again:

1. She was born in Russia. A littler known fact about the Queen of color is that she was born and raised in Russia. She only moved to the United States when she was 17 years old. She originally immigrated to New York but now lives in Los Angeles. So, if you need yet another reason to love Deere, knowing that her success is that of a hard-working and determined immigrant, a true American success story that should inspire all.

2. She stands behind the trends she sets. While Doe is an inspiring entrepreneur, she truly loves the products she creates. It only takes a quick gander at her personal Instagram page to see that she is her own customer. Doe’s colorful locks and flawlessly pungent makeup are a sight to behold.

3. Lime Crime is vegan. While the company has been cruelty-free since its inception in 2008, Deere took it to the next level by going completely vegan in 2012. While we all strive to live by our personal standards, it is common knowledge that many cosmetic companies have shady backgrounds when it comes to animal testing and unnecessary animal byproducts. While no one insisted Doe go in this direction, she has always been passionate about animal rights and has made a commitment to morally stand by every aspect of her brand.

4. She lets her imagination rule. Doe has a keen appreciation for art, thus it is no surprise that when she first moved to New York she aspired to be something creative. However, makeup was not her first dabble in the creative world, she first gave it a go as a professional musician. Let it be said, we are selfishly glad she switched gears because its hard to imagine life without her colorful cosmetics.

5. Her business partner is her husband. The adorable color wreaks cool vibes and makes Lime Crime even more of a favorite. While most cosmetic companies are just out there to make a quick buck, Doe and her husband have made this inspiring line of make up a family business. What can we say, this girl really does what she loves, with who she loves… Is there anything possibly more we could ask!

6. Remember when we said she was the self-professed Queen of Unicorns? Well, unicorns are what Doe calls her fans. She has a lot of them too. Her Instagram stats are out of control and many of Lime Crime’s popular items frequently sell out. Still, Doe tries her best to keep up!

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The Innovation of Doe Deere

The company of Lime Crime is a company that was officially founded in 2008 as a way to provide individuals who love to apply makeup on their faces for purposes throughout the day with a new way of applying makeup that will accentuate the beautiful features in anyone that applies it to their face. The company of Lime Crime was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere, a well respected businesswoman with a taste for a challenge in developing a business within an industry that is already known to be competitive. Since 2008, the business that Doe Deere has created has taken off and has gathered a large fan base of the products offered.

Doe Deere recently sat down with an internet magazine known as Galore magazine to talk about her passion behind the makeup industry as well as talk about her business model and even her future plans for her business. Doe Deere starts the interview by giving a brief background of the origins of the company and how the company started off as a side business to her other company of selling clothes that consisted of not only bright colors, but also bright patterns. Though her makeup business was just a side business that was founded in 2008, her business since then took off.

The first product that was ever created by Ms. Deere was a lipstick that was followed by more varieties as well as blush options and eye shadow and eye liner options. Doe Deere decided to make this company all about the colors because Ms. Deere has found that bright colors bring out the beautiful on not just the inside, but also bring out the beauty on the outside. Ms. Deere has stated many times that she often feels as though she has cheated with her career due to the fact that she loves what she does.

During this interview, Ms. Deere stated that her passion for makeup started as early as the age of nine when she remembers having sleepovers with her friends and dressing up with them in some of the brightest and most ridiculous shoes, clothes, as well as accessories that she and her friends could find. The touch of makeup was added to accentuate the look that she and her friends were going for. though Ms. Deere admits that her makeup skills would not have won any awards, she remembers this as the first time that she fell in love with makeup.

Ever since the early age of nine, Ms. Deere has been learning the art of putting on makeup. In present day, Ms. Deere made the decision to make her company into an internet-based company due to the fact that this method would allow her to use the consumer comments to better the product. With this business decision, Ms. Deere has not only managed to stay humble, but has also felt closer to her customers and their wants for a type of makeup that would be considered truly perfect to them.

Doe Deere is Fearless

It is very apparent that Doe Deere is not your typical CEO. The Lime Crime CEO possesses a very unique way of looking at fashion, beauty, and cosmetics. She is difficult to ignore with her pastel hair color and different way of looking at and wearing makeup. Most women think that it is important to follow fashion rules and beauty rules. However, Doe Deere has a totally different outlook. Doe Deere firmly believes that rules are made to be broken by those that march to the beat of a different drummer. Well, the self appointed unicorn queen must be doing something right. Her outlook clearly led to her success.

Doe Deere’s Guide to Breaking Rules
Going against the grain is difficult for most women. However, Doe Deere has a natural talent that allows her to play with patterns, colors, and different styles. Still, she believes that the average woman should learn the rules. Learning the rules is a good way to understand the correct way to break the rules. Clearly, her rule breaking concerns doing the total opposite of the norm. Let’s take one example. Most fashion and beauty experts suggest minimizing bold colors. This concept is applied to fashion and makeup. However, Doe Deere loves expressive, bold colors. She believes in wearing as many bold colors as possible. Colors add fun, and fashion should be fun, according to Doe Deere. Clearly, Doe Deere is fearless. She has the freedom of mind to approach fashion and makeup in a way that goes against the norm.

Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. The very colorful CEO is a very talented woman with a fun and futuristic type view of the way an operation should work. In the old days, a manager ruled his employees with an iron fist. This created a big divide between management and the employees. Doe Deere believes that positive reinforcement is the best way to manage an operation. Let your employees know that they are appreciated and let them know when they are doing outstanding work. This uplifting approach helps a company and their employees to succeed.

Doe Deere was born in Russia. She grew up in New York City. She grew up with an inherent tendency to mix and match exotic colors. This talent followed her through life. She created Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008 with the intent of sharing her love and fascination with whimsical colors with the customers.

Doe Deere’s Venture in the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

There is a wide range of excellence “principles” that ladies are taught to take after, directing everything from generations where our grandma had some magnificence fashion ideas that they took after and passed them to their little girl who passed them to us. Furthermore, in a universe of doing right, the opposite is an unquestionable requirement; these principles have likewise been broken and make you outdated if you tail them. “We’ve been in a comfortable cycle,” says Red Godfrey, VP of the style office at Nordstrom.

Diana Vreeland said “Somewhat awful taste is similar to a pleasant sprinkle of paprika. We all need a sprinkle of awful taste—it is generous, it’s solid, it is physical. I think we could utilize a greater amount of it. No taste is what I am against.” Likewise to Doe Deere, magnificence isn’t what’s “characteristic” or “looks best” yet rather what feels comfortable presently. Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics also known as make-up for unicorn. A company that spends significant time in vivid, whimsical and brutality free beauty care products. Doe is determined to demonstrate that make up accomplish more than simply disguise blemishes however are a type of flexibility and self-expression. She floated towards brilliant and strange hues however they were difficult to discover on the grounds that the cosmetics business was still all that much into that super common looks back then. Born in Russia and then moved to the United States when since 1998 to 2012 she began her career from scratch and made progress all alone, propelled by bolster female business visionaries and ladies claimed organizations. Doe Deere has dependably been inventive and eager in that sense particularly as a kid, she was generally ambitiously. “I had my first little business back in Russia when I was 13 years of age, I sold brief tattoos which were oddity at the time, and it was a great deal of fun! I think what I did was, I found them and I then advanced them and sold them to my cohorts. In any case, I simply made them cool by wearing them and demanding that it is alright to have an impermanent tattoo on you.” from a recent interview. Furthermore, her greatest ambition was most likely to end up an artist which is precisely what she did when she moved to New York.

One of her most loved things was to give a speech about “Don’t Quit Your Daydream” which she has been able to inspire millions. The “Ruler of Unicorns” made us sure that individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds have the chance to make their dreams work out. She said in an interview with Guest of a Guest, “I mean sincerely the best exhortation that I can offer is to follow your heart because in that each individual has something exceptional about them – some sort of one of a kind ability or quality that just they have on the planet. When you tune into that, that is the point at which you truly begin to bloom and achieve your most genuine potential.”