Some people lead the most extraordinary lives. One such man is the prodigal lacrosse player named Jon Urbana. Jon went to Villanova College, and he majored in Economics. His hometown was Denver, Colorado, and he remains loyal to the lacrosse community in Denver, Colorado even today. He has not forgot the memories that he made with¬†Villanova, and he is grateful for what he learned at Villanova and in Denver, so he did something very special to commemorate this city. We’ll get to that later, but first, let’s talk about some of Jon’s other achievements.

Creative Dispositions

It’s interesting when people are able to juggle their successful business engagements, sports training and other honorable mentions with creative achievements. Jon Urbana is just one of those guys who has natural talent and skills with a camera. His achievements behind the lens are available for all of our eyes if you go to visit his Instagram account or his personal website. His Facebook and other social media outlets will also have some examples of his professional photography works. Jon Urbana’s Twitter¬†display and arrangements of foods are perfect.

He has also compiled interesting videos on his Vimeo account. These videos achieve a perfect balance of natural curiosity and self discovery. They revolve around the natural world and Jon’s journey through it. He also shares with us some of his digital creations, which are quite fascinating.

Jon’s musical accomplishments are worth mentioning as well. He has started a very interesting Soundcloud account that is gaining a following. His music is an unmatched compilation of guitar and other instruments often set to the sampling of his favorite artists to create an unique electronic sound.

Lacrosse Training Camp

In his lacrosse career with Villanova, Jon Urbana got the award for honorable mention and the award for the Colonial Athletic Association’s defensive player of the year. These awards are high achievements in the world of lacrosse. Jon has always had high regards for lacrosse players and sports in general. He took part in the Junior Olympics in the skiing competitions. The reason that he decided to go to Villanova College was because Villanova has a strong lacrosse program that appealed to Jon at the time. He continues to give back to the community where he was born, Denver. He has developed a leads a lacrosse training camp called Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youths.