The heated rhetoric over the 2016 presidential campaign has already made it a closely watched contest, and with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump having essentially clinched the nomination, billionaire financier George Soros is looking to mobilize one specific demographic that will seek to stop Trump.

That group is the Latino voting base, which from the start of Trump’s campaign has been the target of many pointed barbs related to the controversy surrounding immigration policies. During the speech announcing his candidacy in June 2015, Trump said that Mexico was sending drug dealers and rapists into the United States.

Those comments sparked immediate outrage by Latinos, yet Trump’s primary voting base of white males avidly supported such beliefs.

To combat that, Soros is contributing $5 million of his own money to fund he hopes will get Latinos and other vulnerable immigrant groups to vote in November. Soros is looking for other donors to contribute an additional $10 million to form a Super PAC that will be known as Immigrant Voters Win (IVW).

The goal is to have an additional 400,000 voters for the November election who will presumably vote for the likely Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton.
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One of the groups working in conjunction with IVW is the Latino Victory Project, which has watched what they consider to be Trump’s divisive comments help unite Latinos. They specifically cite the references to rapists and drug dealing, coupled with other comments related to the building of a massive wall at the Mexican border. In addition, the unlikely aspect of deporting 11 million individuals who are currently undocumented has been another pledge offered by Trump.

Among the reasons offered for this need to motivate Latinos is the fact that Trump’s enthusiastic support has garnered much more media attention than the Democratic side. A good deal of that has been because of Trump’s penchant for controversial comments, as opposed to Clinton and her current opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, primarily sticking to pertinent issues. Read more about George’s life story at

In addition, one Conservative organization known as the Libre Initiative has attempted to make inroads with Latinos in states where they either currently have or are developing a larger footprint. With an estimated $10 million worth of support from the Koch Brothers bolstering this particular alliance, IVW looks to counter that message.

The idea of rejecting immigrants of any persuasion hits home with Soros because of his own history. After surviving a Nazi invasion of his native Hungary during World War II, he was forced to leave the country for good in 1947 due to growing Communist power in Hungary.

After being educated in England, Soros headed to the United States and began working on Wall Street in 1956. By 1973, he had created his own hedge fund company and grew the company enough to achieve his billionaire status.

Soros’ foray into philanthropic causes began six years after creating his hedge fund and has continued over the past 37 years.

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