The Hungarian born hedge fund manager Forbes billionaire George Soros has been one of the best known business leaders in the world for a number of years, but has recently become just as well known as a philanthropist and guardian of human rights. Soros has used his wealth and fame to highlight the problems facing asylum seekers and refugees entering the European Union who by setting out his own plan for easing the burden on EU member states and the individuals seeking asylum, according to Market Watch.
The issue of asylum seekers and refugees strikes a chord with George Soros as he spent the majority of his early years living in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, or seeking asylum following the end of the War. Soros moved across Europe from Communist controlled East Germany to the west where we found acceptance as a student in London before moving to New York to start his own hedge fund; perhaps the most famous act of the life of George Soros is the breaking of the Bank of England in 1992.

The step by step plan created by George Soros to ease the refugee crisis takes in many areas of the financial and social problems caused by the conflict in Syria; Soros begins by accepting the financial burden of asylum is difficult for many to accept, but believes a payment from the European Union of over $16,000 for each individual would ease the burden on member states. Soros believes the European Union is not taking full advantage of its borrowing potential and could use its AAA status according to bloomberg business to provide a payment to assist each refugee during their first two years in Europe.

George Soros believes the issues facing refugees are seen outside the borders of Europe, which means leaders should be looking to build communication and investment partnerships with Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey that are often the first stops on the journey of those fleeing Syria.

The actions of the members of the European Union have often been selfish in the eyes of George Soros as states have yet to sign up for a continent wide border patrol or migrant agency; this has allowed most states the chance to make up their own rules about whom to allow entry to, and when. Similar issues can be seen on a nybook report in the problems faced by migrants in reaching their final destination, which often sees individuals trapped in states like Greece and Italy with no direct passage to other areas of the continent.

Finally, George Soros believes the many different private groups like Open Society within Europe have not been used to their full potential, including church groups and private organizations.