Securus is one of the leading names in the prison communications industry. They have an A+ company accreditation. The company works with prisons around the country to ensure that prisoners can communicate with the people they love and so prisons can keep an eye out for suspicious patterns in phone use. Securus prides itself on running their business with integrity. They charge the right rate and they always report the right phone call lengths. The company is proud of the way they run their business, but recently they discovered that other companies in the industry do not conduct themselves with honor.
Global Tel Link has always been a leading name in the prison communications field. The company operates communications lines in several prisons, and they are constantly getting new contracts. Securus was shocked to discover that GTL participated in shady business practices. According to PR, Securus found several incidents of wrongdoing and they announced that they would be reviewing GTL’s business practices and issuing press releases regularly to reveal the depth of GTL’s wrongdoing. Recently, Securus issued their first press release on GTL and their wrongdoings. Read it here:

GTL committed several wrong acts during their time working with a prison in Louisiana. They regularly overcharged prisoners and the state for phone calls. They also reported phone calls as longer than they actually were. Doing this allowed the company to bring in greater profits than they deserved. Sometimes GTL even double billed their calls. GTL managed to overcharge the state of Louisiana by more than a million dollars. These actions were completely unethical and they harmed the very people GTL is meant to serve. Prison officials, inmates, and taxpayers all suffered because of their actions.

GTL acted horribly in Lousiana, but unfortunately, GTL has ben using their terrible business practices in prisons across the United States. Securus America is deeply troubled by GTL’s actions.