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Jordan Lindsey Inventor of Bitcoin

Forex is a stock trading company. It is also involved in trading international currencies. Forex offers easy to understand and competitive pricing, real time market analysis and professionally run trading platforms. They have a team that researches and collects information that occurs around the world. This allows an individual access to information that will help them in deciding how to buy, sell and trade in a positive manner in the sphere of the world economic market place.

Jordan Lindsey is involved in the field of the world market place. He is founder of a company called JCL Capital. He has wanted to be an entrepreneur from an early age. His company is involved in Algo Trading. Jordan Lindsey is self taught in the fields of System Architecture Design and Computer Programming. He graduated from Mount Angel Seminary and Saint Joseph’s College. He has spent time in several countries including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Argentina and Mexico. He invented a certain computer algorithm that can be used to make trades in foreign exchange markets around the world. Over five trillion dollars a day are traded in foreign exchange markets making them the largest trading market in the world. Jordan Lindsey got an idea to make his own cryptocurrency using the computer algorithm that he had created. He hoped that this token cryptocurrency would gain in value internationally over time. He is currently working with a team of experts to accomplish this. The crptocurrency he created is known as Bitcoin. It is a 100% transparent trading bot that can be used for trading in international markets. It is currently in use today.

Jordan Lindsey says that to develop a good team to work out an idea and see the process through the team must possess both some friction between the members but also a sense of trust. These two elements working together can bring about a successful solution to what is being worked on. It is important not to micromanage the leadership of a team. Sometimes these people can come up with solutions to a problem better if one allows them to think for themselves.

The Noble U.S Money Reserve

The U.S Money Reserve, a second to a none government largest distributor of coins, is pleased to offer their clients a long-term service delivery in gold coins, gold buying guides, certification, and grading of gold coins, platinum coins, and silver coins. Its headquarters is in Austin, Texas, United States.

Gold market veterans through a series of research found that it is worth and of great importance to set up the U.S Money Reserve. Its top-notch services have spread far and wide in the States making it the most trustworthy and knowledgeable firm for purchase of precious metals. U.S Money Reserve exceptional service in purchase of metals has earned it a reputable organization from most clients.

The U.S Money Reserve is not only a profit-making organization but also a humanitarian offering firm. Its services have extended to helping those in need. Its partnership with one of the incredible disaster movement firm, Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), to help victims and survivors of the daunting Hurricane Harvey recover is a commendable task that deserves an applause.

Hurricane Harvey occurred at the unexpected time. As the first leading hurricane to hit the US after the devastating Hurricane Wilma in 2005, Hurricane Harvey caused a massive amount of damage leading to loss of lives and property. Its enormous effects led to a significant catastrophe in homes and cities. A continuous four-day downpour led to rivers breaking their banks, and almost every mainland become flooded. People lost their belongings with another unimaginable counting loss of their loved ones. It was frightening indeed. Subject to data and statistics, a close of 82 people were confirmed dead after the devastating storm.

The aftermath of the Hurricane left many people homeless and lack of necessities. Clean water and medicine for the affected became a challenge. The U.S Money Reserves extended a helping hand to the victims through various ways. The homeless found a shelter and the sick provided with medical support. With conjunction with the YoungCaring, U.S Money Reserves help raise a total of $100,000 towards helping the victims. It saw some of the affected employees of the U.S Money Reserve settled. Its clients too found a solace through the program. The spirit of brotherhood from those not affected was extended to the victims. Learn more:

With over a decade in business, the U.S Money Reserve enjoys a wide array of experienced personnel. A team of skilled professional is always at your disposable to help you sort any impediment. All required of you is to reach out to a customer care service desk, and you will be directed accordingly on your financial issues. There is a buyback guarantee to clients who may not be satisfied with their golds. A secure and convenient shipping from vaults to your doorstep within five days upon purchasing a metal. Learn more: