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Fantasy Football Rankings Debunked?

Martavis Bryant has to potential to be a standout WR-1 option this coming year. Martavis Bryant is a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bryant was selected originally in the fourth round out of Clemson. Bryant has a unique skill set of height, weight, and speed that is arguably unmatched in the NFL. These traits make him a very intriguing option for your fantasy team.

In 2015 Bryant surpassed 1000 yards receiving as well as six touchdowns. While these numbers are impressive, it is even more impressive that he did this in only 13 games. This was also his first year as a full-time starter.These numbers point to the current fantasy football rankings being off. Fantasy football rankings are often based off of previous year production. This majorly hinders Bryant.

From this information, you can see that Bryant has the ability to be one of the most dominant wide receivers in the NFL and climbed the fantasy football rankings. He is ranked lower in fantasy football rankings due to his off the field concerns and year away from the game. It is up to you to make a decision if Bryant is worth the risk.

Betting on Sports is Not Just Based on Luck

Football season is officially upon us! The fan jerseys, hats, and merchandise have hit the market full force so a person can easily support their favorite team. Also, the parties with great tailgating food have begun, and there is nothing better than getting in a heated debate over someone’s favorite team.

There is no way better to support your team than betting in Football. And the best place to do it is absolutely, anything from placing bets on NFL odds all the way to Super Bowl odds. Betting on your favorite football team allows you to support your team in the way you never thought you could, and it gives you a good excuse to have to watch the game. Your favorite football team could win you a large sum of money if they end up taking the win for a specific game, or maybe even the Super Bowl!

One of the best attributes of is that it allows you to see all the stats, standings, and odds in one place. You do not have to shop around on different websites to try and find the information you are searching for, has it all. Betting on professional football games is not like betting in the casino. When you go to a casino and bet on slots, you are leaving your money completely in the hands of luck. When it comes to football betting you are putting your money on a team you know possesses the skills to take home the gold.

The most important part about sports betting is to make sure you do your research on the odds of the team you are planning on putting your money on. This allows you to have a high chance of getting a return on your investment because you know the odds and statistics of that team, as well as the team they are playing. So instead of going to a casino and just throwing your money out on the table hoping for the best, you are putting your money on a team that you know has a high probability of actually winning. Sports betting is much based on skill, rather than luck and you will only get better at betting on NFL teams the more you practice. And who knows, maybe if you bet smart on the Super Bowl you could walk away a lot of extra money in your pocket.