We all know of hair care products that work and some that don’t. The ones that don’t could be the results of not using the product right or it wasn’t right for the hair type a person has. Then there are also those hair care products that will sometimes work and then they won’t.

Wen is one of those that both work and don’t work. It works by making hair shiny and bouncy. But, it doesn’t work because it has to be used every single day. For those who want their hair to look shiny and bouncy all day, WEN is a great product to use! For those who tend to like to sleep in, not so much. It takes some time to use plus if one wants to style their hair before going out for the day, it requires waking up earlier than normal to shower and get it looking the way one wants it to look.

Careful reading of the instructions on the back is a must. One doesn’t want to use too much or too little for their hair type. Overall, WEN by Chaz Dean is a good product and one that does work but one that has to be used every day. It delivers what it says it will do for hair. Wen is available online thru ebay.com