Brian Torchin is among the famous names that are mentioned when it comes to medicine. Torchin is one of the pioneers who has changed the medical industry significantly. He has been in the medical field with more than two decades in experience. Brian Torchin is arguably one of the most experienced medical practitioners.

In his medical career, Brian Torchin has worked in some firms. To begin with, he opened branches in Delaware, Philadelphia before he became one of the leading recruiters in the healthcare sector. Brian currently serves as the president of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors that has expanded across Europe and Asia. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Since he had served many years as a medical practitioner, Brian Torchin understands the ordeals that most practitioners undergo as they discharge their mandates. His core objective was to boost the healthcare sector starting with the hiring and the recruitment of staff. Throughout his medical career, he noticed that medical professionals were facing a hard time in hiring and recruiting medical staff. The hiring process is significant because employees are a reflection of your operations. In most cases, the hiring of staff is difficult since it consumes time and resources. Most importantly, you may end up hiring the wrong personnel. With these reasons, Brian came up with an idea of creating HCRC which would offer the best staff depending on the job position who would provide efficient services to clients even on weekends and holidays.

Apart from the medical sector, HCRC provides staffing services for legal firms. Together with his management team, he assesses a job position and finds the perfect staff for the job. In the medical field, HCRC provides staffing services to dentists, nurses, and physicians.

Torchin has an influential Facebook page with over tens of thousands of followers. Most of his Facebook post is about information regarding his firm. For instance, he recently posted about searching for a chiropractor mainly from Flower Mound Texas. Brian is aware that Facebook is the best platform to share information since it has more than four billion users. According to his Facebook bio, he mentions that he attended the University of Delaware and stays in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Read more: