Preston Smith has been instrumental in San Jose where he has improved the lives of individuals from low incoming areas. The region was used by the American dream as an area for launching the pad. The University of California, Berkeley and the Harvard University conducted a research for the study. The results of the research showed that the individuals who were born in the families that earned low- income area in 1980 were active. These children were compared to the ones in Canada and Denmark who were from the social families.

The individuals have resolved to work together to promote and strengthen the families in Sao Jose. The educator has transformed the lives in San Jose for fifteen years. The poverty level in the region has decreased through the initiatives that they have acquired at the place. The education that has been instilled in the students has enabled most of them to attend college.

The Rocketship Education has been helpful to the education of the individuals in San Jose. The organization which is a network of the charter has schools has completely transformed the area. The organization has incorporated the parents, educators and the community organizations in their management. The Rocketship Foundation has ensured that quality education is taught in public schools in the region.

The initiative that has been created by the Rocket Education has enabled other charter schools to be established in the region. The first school to be established under this forum was founded in 2007. The students in San Jose have benefited from the program since additional learning has been incorporated into their syllabus.

The students have really progressed well with their education since most of them have attended charter schools. Partnerships have been enhanced between the charter schools and the districts. This is to enhance education in the region. The leaders present in the area have offered support to the students. The leaders have placed measures in place to benefit the students.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Netflix has supported education in the area. The executive has offered 100 million dollars to the charter institutions to benefit the students. Mark Zuckerberg who is the Chief Executive officer of Facebook has promoted education through the initiatives that he has put in place.