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GovPayNet and Securus Technologies Join Together To Process Inmates and Payments of Various Costs

Who handles all the money and fees associated with court cases and proceedings as well as with bail fees? A business known as GovPayNet is responsible for the processing and reporting of all fees associated with many court handlings. Until recently, they were a separate company but in recent months, Securus Technologies has stepped up and has gained control through an acquisition.


Securus Technologies has been involved in various deals with inmate holding facilities for many years. Not only do they help with the safety of inmates and guards, they also are in a position to help put an end to some contraband in prison systems.


What type of contraband you ask? It’s simple. They help with controlling the use of cell phones that are not allowed in prisons. The cell phones that are apprehended by guards and professionals of the prison systems can result in safety problems for those on the outside as well as for those on the inside. How is that possible?


When an inmate is granted access to unsupervised phone calls, they can cause harm to those on the outside. One ex employee knows this already when he stopped a package from being delivered to a well known gang leader in prison. Because he stopped the package from being received, the former employee was shot 6 times in his own home.


Securus Technologies has recently acquired the GovPayNet corporation and with their help, the processing of payments of 40 million dollars is now being processed by Securus Technologies. All of those payments are made to the GovPayNet account and from there on out, Securus will help to process all of the payments received for many services and fees associated with government holding centers. Securus will continue to work within a variety of business matters related to inmate holding facilities and the fines and fees associated with those inmates.


Securus Technologies Does Wonders – Clients Reveal

Securus Technologies is a popular telecommunication organization offering technological solutions to stakeholders within the prison market. Securus prides itself on the development of cutting-edge products that aid in making the world a safer place by solving and reducing crime rates.


Recently, Securus Technologies published a number of positive feedbacks that it has received from its clients based in several parts of the country. Most of these comments were sent to the company as emails or as formal letters. After going through most of the comments, I discovered that the reviews were from police officers and prison officials that managed to solve, reduce and prevent crimes, thanks to Securus.


For instance, I saw one of the clients clarifying how he used the LBS software developed by Securus and managed to recover millions of unlawful properties, cash, and drugs. The client continues expressing that without the software, it would have taken them longer to recover the assets or may have never been found. Another client was excited about the investigative tool product that helped prison staff to conduct investigations in the event of a complaint of harassment or any impending threat to the establishment or the community.


Securus Technologies has developed several software systems that monitor phone calls made by prisoners as well as emails sent to them. In most cases, inmates will use coded language while communicating with their friends on the outside. Without services from Securus, it will take prison officials a while to identify any suspicious communication.


According to Rick Smith, Securus Technology’s CEO, the company launches fresh solutions on a weekly basis. Moreover, Securus hosts several workshops and exhibitions that showcase their newest technologies that they have created for clients and competitors. It is no wonder that Securus was awarded an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2016.


About Securus Technologies

Securus technologies have its main branch in Dallas, Texas, with offices in other urban states like Atlanta, GA. Statistics reveal that Securus has served approximately 3,500 stakeholders and more than 1.2 million prisoners all over North America. The company offers many services to its clients including public information, communication, prisoner self-service, emergency response, biometric analysis, information management, and investigation among others.


Securus unveils state-of-the-art technology that helps prevent prison crime

In the United States, prisons often face serious threats from ongoing criminal activity taking place within their walls. The vast majority of this illegal activity comes from organized gangs that have the potential to quickly spiral out of control if not kept in check by corrections officers and prison administration.


Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication services, has spent vast sums of money in research and development, developing state-of-the-art solutions to keep prisons, guards and the prisoners themselves safe from ongoing criminal enterprise.


One of these technologies is what Securus calls its Location Based Services. This system allows corrections officers to covertly monitor all inmate communications on all devices within the prison. It can identify all parties who are taking part in any conversation, leading officers to be alerted anytime a known criminal or a banned party engages in any type of communication with prisoners within the institution.


The system is also capable of alerting officers whenever phone calls are placed to certain locations or even to certain geographic areas. One example of this is phone calls that are placed to the immediate vicinity outside of the prison. Historically, cellular phones taking calls from the prison that are located within a few miles of it have been highly indicative of criminal activity. This can be due to people smuggling drugs into the facility or even conspirators planning on executing a prison break.


Another incredible feature of the Location Based Services technology is its ability to automatically transcribe all communications that take place electronically within the prison itself. Not only can it transcribe all phone calls, it saves them to the cloud, allowing for officers to retrieve and search those conversations at a later date. This has led to such conversations being used as crucial evidence in criminal trials, even leading to convictions.




Securus Technologies – Providing Innovative And Reliable Prison Telecommunications Technology And Services

For many years, the world of prison communication technology is being led by Securus Technologies, which is a company based in Dallas and is the top provider of groundbreaking technology in the field of crime prevention, prison telecommunication, criminal justice, public safety, and more. The company aims to ensure that the law enforcement agencies can use the advanced technology in their operations for better results in a more secure environment. It also seeks to modernize the overall incarceration experience by providing telecommunication technology to the prisoners so that they can stay in touch with the outside world, especially their friends and families.



Securus Technologies recently won the Gold Stevie Awards in the year 2017 for the best customer service training team, by beating more than 2,300 companies in different fields from around the world. The Stevie Awards is open to receiving applications for the award from across the globe, and having won the Gold award in such a competitive category has brought the huge company recognition from throughout the world.



The Vice President of Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, said in an interview recently that the award has humbled the company as it recognizes the efforts put in by the management and the entire team at Securus. He further added that it has boosted the morale and enthusiasm in the company to continue to deliver path breaking technology and services in the sector it serves.



Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, and has offices in Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia as well to ensure that it can serve its local clients better. One of my family members is in prison, and thanks to the services offered by Securus Technologies, we are now able to stay in touch with him at a very affordable price. The video visitation service of the company even helps us view the inmate member from time to time.




As GTL continues verbal assault, Securus won’t back down

Recently, Securus Technologies made headlines when it refused to back down from the constant barrage of insults being hurled its way by its wayward competitor GTL. Instead of running from a fight, Securus issued a challenge. GTL was invited to pit its video visitation technology squarely against that of Securus. The challenge was to be administered by a trusted third party. GTL refused to take part. Securus viewed this as a tacit admission that GTL’s product line is inferior and that all of the claims they’ve made in recent memory are baseless.



Securus was first to market and remains first for institutional safety


The truth is that Securus’ video visitation solution is second-to-none, largely because it was first to market. In addition to this, Securus has spent in excess of $700,000,000 in research and development over the last 10 years on a host of other products which complement and interface with its video visitation system.


One of these is its JLG Technologies line of voice-recognition software. This state-of-the-art system is deployed across all of Securus’ communications systems, including video visitation. It can instantly identify any unauthorized party or persons under investigation. Staff can then be surreptitiously alerted and a live monitoring session can begin. But JLG’s capabilities extend much further. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the program can actually interpret calls in real time, alerting staff to any conversation that may deal with criminal conspiracies or other violations of prison rules or laws. This incredible technology has enabled the institutions where it has been deployed to run safety records that were previously thought impossible.


Securus is changing the way that prisoners communicate and the way that prisons are kept safe. Through technologies like these, Securus is continuing to create value for its inmate customers as well as the guards and administrators at prisons throughout the country.



Home For The Special Times

When a parent isn’t home for Christmas, it can affect how a child feels. Children often want their parents there in the home to watch them open presents from Santa and to celebrate the joy of the holiday. Securus has made this possible for parents who are in jail. As long as the facility allows inmates to use the video calling system and the other parent has a device to see the video, then the inmate can be in the same room for Christmas.


The parent can talk to the children while they are looking at the new toys and other items that they get for Christmas. Children can get up in the morning with the parent who isn’t there if the parent calls early enough. It’s like the parent is right there with the child instead of being in jail and away from home. The video call doesn’t last long, but it’s enough to let the child know that there is still someone who cares and who wants to be there on a special day.


Securus has stepped up its efforts in making sure parents stay in touch with their children while they are in jail. Christmas is a special time for children, and Securus wants to make sure that parents are still there even if they aren’t able to be in the home physically. This shows that Securus has a heart and doesn’t see money as a trigger for offering services to jails and prisons. Instead, the company wants to keep families together.


Securus Technologies ConnectUs Warms the Hearts of Many of Its Clients

Securus Technologies recently announced that it has come up with a way of saving clients time and money through implementing its Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs. According to its Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Russell Roberts, Securus Technologies implementation of Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs is a show of the company’s commitment to provide new technology and features for its clients. View the company profile on

The application is believed to save customers time by enabling the creation of custom forms that can be made available to the inmates in real time without involving any printing. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application changes manual paper processes to digital automation. To date, Securus automatically processes an average of 13.8 forms a month for each inmate, which saves valuable time for the staff allowing them to focus on security and safety. The technology has also benefited inmates by allowing them self-service access to the forms and the opportunity to view the status of their forms and grievances and appeal or accept them. According to Chief Kolitwenzew from Kankakee County, 3, the technology was easy to implement and was well received by everyone.
ConnectUs is by far the most feature rich inmate platform in the market today. The platform does not only provide inmates with access to services not available to them before, but it also governs what is accessible to inmates and at what time. The platform can also include dynamic application display time, day and inmate location. It can also encompass a bulletin board that allows communication between inmates and correctional staff.
Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is committed to serve and connect by providing emergency response, public information, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self-service, data management and monitoring services and products. For more insights about Securus Technologies, click here.

Securus Technologies Improving Safety of Inmates

Communication is one of the most important facets of life for those who have been incarcerated in the United States and Mexico. Providing secure and safe options for communication that maintains a high level of public safety has been provided by Securus Technologies for over 84,000 inmate telephones. These great devices allow inmates to securely make outbound calls and so much more. They are one of the most popular providers of inmate phone calls and communication technology for the criminal justice system and that expertise allows for all involved from guards to inmates to live in a secure and safe manner. 

As technology has grown, so has the level of product. These intelligent communications devices are not just phones but inmate tablets, kiosks that provide video visitation, and “S-Phones”. These devices are all set up with the highest levels of security in mind, allowing for communication but protecting those incarcerated as well as those working in the prisons. The greatest goal of the prison system is to provide rehabilitation opportunities and allow inmates to return to society as productive and law abiding members. Having access to reliable communication devices helps accomplish this by allowing inmates to seek job opportunities as their release date comes closer and being involved in society allows people to have hope in a better life in the future. 

These intelligent devices also allow inmates a higher level of access to educational services. Both high school and college level programs are more readily available for inmates through the wonder of Securus technological devices. With a higher level of education all people develop a higher threshold of potential accomplishment and earning power. Past mistakes can be put in the rearview mirror and an inmate will have a higher level of hope for the prospects of their future. There are also better communication opportunities for meaningful communication with loved ones provided through high tech video tablets and kiosks. This type of contact with those you love will allow an inmate to remember the good things that are waiting for them on the outside. This will lead to better behavior and less violence and rule breaking within the system. This video visitation service can be accessed from anywhere by downloading the app and connecting the software to it. The app is available on the App Store as well as Google Play.

Securus devices make the day to day operations of a prison run smoother as well. An inmate can participate in religious services and activities more easily using these devices which is a positive for any person. They also are able to take care of commissary orders and make sure that their immediate needs are being taken care of. They even provide some level of entertainment options for prisoners which have the benefit of making the whole environment behind bars safer for all people involved. 

In the past to be incarcerated was a method of punishment alone, but law enforcement and corrections has become much more progressive in recent years and there is a focus on human treatment and rehabilitation. The majority of inmates are going to eventually be released back into society. The more learning options and methods to improve their lives available will lead to a better assimilation and more success in getting out of the prison system once and for all. Securus technological devices are a vital piece of this hope in prisons all over North America.