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How To Choose The Right Type Of Freedom Life Insurance

The first step in choosing life insurance is to find a good company, such as Freedom Life Insurance. You’ll then have to decide which type of life insurance you should get. Below are a few tips that can help you out.

Term Life Insurance

You should consider getting term life insurance from Freedom Life Insurance if you would like insurance for a certain period of time. You can buy this insurance for only five years, 10 years or whatever time frame you need it for. A good example is if you have young kids and you want to have funds for their education when they are older. In this scenario, you could get a 20-year term policy. Another example is if you have debt that you want to pay off within a month, two months, year or within any frame of time, then you can get an insurance policy that lasts for that period of time.

Term life from Freedom Life Insurance is good for those who need of insurance, but they are on a tight budget. This kind of insurance pays if you due during the policy’s term. Coverage is stop if the policyholder is still alive by the end if the policy’s term. However, the policy can be renewed or a new policy can be purchased.

Convertible term policies are good if you think over time your financial needs will change. You can convert to permanent coverage, and you won’t have to undergo a medical examination.

Permanent Life Insurance

A permanent policy is just that, a policy that pays benefits whether you die the following day or you live for over 80 years. If you need coverage for as long as you are alive, then consider getting permanent insurance.

This is also a good option for those who want to build up savings that can eventually be borrowed and used for various purposes. You can spend the borrowed funds as you see fit, even if you don’t have good credit.

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There are quite a few types of permanent life insurance policies. These includes universal, whole life, variable/universal and variable life. If you want to learn more about the different policies out there, then contact Freedom Life Insurance today.


USHEALTH Group Inc Leader in Insurance Industry Offering Innovative Products

USHEALTH Group Inc is one of the top insurance holding companies with its head office in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company offers a broad range of health coverage options to its customers, which includes individuals and small business owners. Over the years, the company has managed to increase their customer base by providing them with innovative products and services at competitive prices.

USHEALTH Group Inc has emerged into the top insurance companies because of their unique product offerings and their customer service. The company understands that the need of people will differ and one insurance policy won’t suffice the needs of everyone. It is why they have flexible insurance policies depending on the needs of their customers and their budget. The company believes in building long-term relationships with its customers, and their work does not stop once they have sold the insurance to their customers. They remain in constant touch with their customers that help them build dependability and trust. Check this article at to know more about USHealth Group

Buying insurance for your family do not have to be complicated, and it is the reason why USHEALTH Group Inc offers an extensive portfolio of USHEALTH Group family insurance for the entire family. The coverage of the insurance will depend on a budget of the customers and can be customized depending on what the family is looking for. From Sickness and Accident Insurance, Life Insurance Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance to Dental Coverage, USHEALTH Group Inc covers everything you need to ensure that your family does not have to be burdened in case something happens to you. Learn more at about USHealth Group

USHEALTH health advisors are independent agents who are committed to providing their customers with the best insurance plans that will make a difference to their lives. Recently in 2017, USHEALTH Group Inc has announced the winner of One Planet Awards. The company won the Company of the Year award in the category of Banking, Accounting, Insurance and Financial. The One Planet Awards is a prestigious award that is given out to companies who have displayed excellent and honored business relations. The award ceremony saw hundreds of organizations from different countries competing for the top award.

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USHEALTH Advisors carrying all your future worries for you through innovative insurance cover

USHEALTH advisors insurance

As humans, we are surrounded by risks from every corner we turn to. Whether it’s driving, walking or even engaging in work activities, there is no where we can say we are a hundred percent safe. That is why it is essential for us to have insurance covers not only for our cars but also for our family members and us. Even though we may not know what will happen next, having an insurance cover helps reduce the worries. It ensures that our loved ones are safe from financial problems in future. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

However, it is vital that when you are getting an insurance cover you get it from the best company and one which you are sure will not cause you problems through lengthy, tedious compensation processes. One such group is US Health advisors. The firm offers a wide array of insurance covers ranging from health, accidents, critical illnesses, short-term accidents and even dental coverage. They can achieve that through their licensed life and health subsidiaries and at highly affordable rates.

They have been in the industry for more than fifty years now and have catered to the insurance needs of millions of people which acts as an assurance to you that you are in the right hands. They even offer coverage for all your family members hence you and your loved ones can go about your day to day tasks knowing that you are safe from any uncertainties which may arise in the future. USHEALTH advisors are based in Dallas, Texas in the United States, and their primary mission is to help other people every day something which they have tied in an acronym HOPE.

USHEALTH salaries and agents

Apart from offering you insurance, USHEALTH Advisors which is the marketing arm of the USHEALTH group also provides you an opportunity to earn some extra income by joining them as their agent. Their primary area of focus is on each American citizen which means they do not discriminate anyone hence increasing your chances to make money as one of their agents.

As one of the USHEALTH Advisors agents, you are assured of unconditional corporate support and exciting bonus and incentives which you get when you attain through regular submission of your business records. Regarding the compensation and salaries, they increase depending on the percentage issued in the first year and on a weekly basis. To increase your pay as an agent, ensure that you renew your membership consistently.

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Freedom Life Insurance: One Company to Buy Your Life Insurance From

Freedom Life Insurance is the best company to buy your life insurance cover. The company has the best policies and management that enables it to stand out. The firm gives a permanent life policy which offers permanent life cover. Irrespective of how long you live, the company pays one’s death benefit. The company also offers a premium policy.

Freedom Life Insurance offers different types of permanent life policies. The permanent policy has unique characteristics as explained in the company policies. In permanent policy, one can freely lock in premiums in that the premium will not accumulate further as one age or health status changes. Also, the policy only accumulates cash savings. The company also enables one to withdraw some of the money saved to upgrade to premium or to borrow cash from the company as security.

Freedom Life Insurance sells life policy either as an individual or as a group. This company offers the best benefits, features, and policies for a group, family, or individuals. The firm also offers automatic life insurance for a member of a group with active life insurance. Such cases are in large companies where employees are completely covered. The firm allows the presence of brokers to sell individuals policies for those clients who consider going through the brokers. The company offers advisors who take you through eight stages to determine which type of policy you need to buy.

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The firm recognizes the possibility of having unclaimed life insurance in the company. In such cases, the beneficiaries are expected to involve the insurance agent to act as an intermediary with the insurance company. Also, the beneficiaries need to present certified copies of death certificates to the company. Once verified, a payment plan is issued, and the beneficiaries are eligible to receive their dues.

Life insurance is a crucial requirement for you and your family. If you are looking for a company to buy the life insurance, Freedom Life Insurance is certainly the best for you. No need for you to worry anymore since this company is the ultimate solution in offering the best life insurance covers.

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Troy Mcquagge the Business Mogul

Troy Mcquagge is an entrepreneur hailing from Panama City in the state of Florida. Troy was educated at Central Florida University. Troy has a wide expertise in sales which has spanned the duration of thirty years. Tory is currently living in Texas while working for the US Health advisors. He started his career in the sales of health insurance where he spent the better part of his career. Troy joined Allstate Insurance in 1983 where he served for a long time. In the wake of 1995, he shifted to UICI health market. Troy joined USHEALTH group in 2010 as its president and Chief Executive Officer. He worked judiciously with other stakeholders in making health insurance sales until high-profit margins were realized. Troy is heading the US health group in the same docket to date.

Troy started from a humble setup after his schooling and then getting all his focus concentrated solely on his assignment for a good deal of time.Troy was still determined to excel in his profession so he worked hard and managed to scoop the One Planet Business and Excellence Awards that occurred in 2016. It is one of the most prestigious award s that is coveted by many. Winning the award was no mean feat given that Troy had tuned all his faculties on his duties on a day-to-day basis. The competition is open to submissions from all companies in the world. The participation is also open to both the public and private sector. The interested parties deliver their nominees and then the nominees are subject to an engaging panel that scrutinizes the performance of the given individuals. Troy was elected to his position out of merit because he transformed the company by retooling the advisors. The company registered massive success in that sector and within the time span that Troy was in office.

Mcquagge received the Gold award but he rather attributed the success to the many uncelebrated heroes who worked round the clock to ensure the process was a success. Troy shared credit with every member as he termed the success as a concerted effort from all the stakeholders in the company. Click here for more reviews.


Pointers to a Good FreedomLife Insurance Cover

In an industry with an array of life insurance options, customers are at loggerhead when deciding on the best alternative to settle for. This a crucial decision since it calls for monetary commitment for a term or life until death. They all come with varied benefits and compensation, but there is need to find a suitable package based on your needs.

There are two possible reasons why one would consider a term life insurance coverage over a permanent life insurance one. If you are in need of a cover for a specific time frame and after that do away with the insurance, term cover is perfect. For instance, take a classical goal of investment purpose or education; you can take a policy with a maturity or execution duration based on your needs; say ten years or 20 years. Alternatively, you would consider a term life insurance if constrained of money yet your needs call for a larger cover.

A permanent life insurance basically means that it is executed throughout life and expires upon death but can pay to benefit a day after the policy is taken for years to come. It operates in a saving mode where premium accumulates and are exempted from tax and can be used as collateral for the loan. However, upon death, computations are done to establish what the company owes the customer from the policy before repaying the beneficiaries.

Premium rate similarly differs with a permanent policy having a higher figure than a term insurance. Term insurance rates fluctuate with age and economic times, but in a permanent insurance, the premiums are at a flat rate. A person who goes for a term insurance may consider the option of convertible term policies should they see the need to convert to a permanent insurance. There have been many companies offering same services with Freedom Life Insurance being at the helm. Learn more:

About Freedom Life Insurance

FLI was founded in 1956 in Fort Worth, Texas. It was initially known as Consolidated American Life Insurance Company before change name to Freedom Life Insurance. It offers a variety of insurance packages in accidents, credit, and health-related covers. It is a subsidiary company of the USHEALTH Group Inc.