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Latest News on Equities First Holdings

On April 29, 2018, Equities First Holdings has expanded its business by being the first registered Repo buyer for Dubai Financial Market. This transaction, known as a Repurchase transaction is a contract in which the buyer provides money to a repurchase seller using the seller’s tradable financial assets as collateral. The repurchase agreement between Equities First Holdings and Dubai Financial Market will help investors’ access to liquidy without affecting the growth opportunities in the future.

Founded in 2002 with a satellite office in New York City, Equities First Holdings LLC is an Indianapolis, Indiana based financial company that provides individual investors and businesses alternative lending solutions such as securities-based lending. With its continued growing client base, this company has completed over 700 transactions with a total of over 1.4 billion dollars. Equities First Holdings LLC is a worldwide company with offices in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Jordan Lindsey Inventor of Bitcoin

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Factors Contributing to the Growth of Equities First Holdings LLC

Equities First Holdings (EFH) LLC is a company that offers alternative financing solution. The company is committed to helping their clients to get the money they need and meet their personal and professionals goals. The company provides capital to the customers who already own publicly traded securities.

Equities First Holdings has been growing rapidly and been gaining and more clients from different parts of the world. In fact, EFH has outlets in nine countries across the world. These countries include Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, and Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. The company is still focusing on making expanding to other countries as all these branches are doing well and boosting the company revenue.

As the banks and other lending institutions across the world are tightening the lending criteria making the prerequisites of credit qualifications harder to beat, Equities First Holdings has been receiving more and more clients. These other banks have stringent requirements that are so hard to meet, and most customers who are unable to meet them have opted for the Equities First Holdings as an alternative since the company can use their stocks as the loan collateral.

Some of the most favorable lending conditions Equities First Holdings demands on stock-based loans are, borrowers a get a fixed interest of three to four percent of the amount they borrowed and loan to value ratios starts from 50-75%. All lending done by Equities First Holdings has no restriction and borrowers can use the money borrowed how they want.

Equities First Holdings has been providing clients with alternative financing solutions since 2002. For the period the company has been operating, it has been a success. Equities First Holdings has made more than 650 transactions, which are estimated worth more than $1.4 billion to date. The company is still aiming to open more branches in other countries and reach more and more clients.

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