Lawrence Alioto has become the managing director of the Capital Markets team, which falls under the Madison Street Capital. Alioto is now charged with the responsibility of advising the clients on the M&A and corporate transactions which fall under the technology sector.

Speaking during the event, Madison Street Capital Chief Executive Officer Charles Botchway says that technology has become more persuasive, and there is an increased demand from companies within this sector. As such, it becomes important for Madison Street Capital to get someone who has broad knowledge and strong tech background. The idea of Alioto’s appointment was also for expansion which the company plans to happen in Austin, this, a greater need for his expertise.

Alioto’s professional journey commenced at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he was the currency futures and options trader. He worked at PaineWebber as a registered representative. Back in 1990, Alioto ventured into private equity and business development capacities with two tech-based companies within California. From 2004 until 2013, Alioto was working at VeriTrainer Corporation, a company that develops anti-terror maritime container radiation scanning devices. He is among the founding principals, and at one time, he was VeriTrainer’s president.

Alioto is known to finance and develop a wider array of businesses that range from medical devices, film production, as well as energy efficient technologies. As of now, he is a board member at the Kaizen Oil Corp’s Board of directors. This company specializes in leveraging and enhancing solutions for oil recovery using an asset acquisition model. Alioto has vast experience and expertise in finance, corporate development, business development, and government affairs. He has applied these skills both in the country and overseas.

Alioto says that there are a unique set of challenges that come with tech industry M&A, and he is happy to help in maintaining the good Madison Street Capital reputation by helping the company navigate these challenges. He further says that the work that Madison Street Capital does is important because it provides middle-market companies with a chance for growth and potentially becoming the leaders in the technology industry innovation.

When you talk about Madison Street Capital reputation, it must regard the integrity, excellence, leadership, and excellent service delivery. The company offer services that range from financial advisory, merger, and acquisition expertise, and financial opinions as well as valuation services to private and publicly held business entities. Madison Street Capital positions their clients to be successful players in the global markets.

The company has enhanced its reputation over the years because of its commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and work ethic. The company has won the trust of all its clients. Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and has branch offices in North America, Africa, and Asia.


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