Lake Tahoe is a major touristic attraction in the Sierra Nevada in the United States. At an altitude of 6225 meters, Lake Tahoe is located along the border, between California and Nevada, west of Carson City. Lake Tahoe is the largest and deeper alpine lake in North America. Much of the area surrounding Lake Tahoe is dedicated to the tourism industry and in this regard there are many restaurants, ski slopes, golf courses and casinos for visitors.

This lake is surrounded by mountains and resorts. If you want to stay with family and / or friends or go alone to explore this is the spot. Lake Tahoe is a relaxing place where you can do almost anything. There are two general areas of the lake: North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. Many attractions and recreational areas are also located on the east and west of the lake. Lake is crossing the border of California and Nevada. South Lake Tahoe has major casinos and hotels. North Lake Tahoe is rustic and relaxing.

Activities abound both in summer and winter. In summer, you can ride a boat on the lake and you can practice water skiing. In winter, you can practice a full range of sports.

You can enjoy almost any type of kitchen dishes, be it Chinese food, Italian or local specialty. Many hotels are located on the lake, others are some distance walking, so you can enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Hotels are a good option if you want to spend a holiday here. It is preferable to Book in advance, especially for winter or summer seasons. You can get a cheap room $ 30 / night in South Lake Tahoe, or a package at a hotel for a few hundred of dollars a night. Homeowners in the area are offering a good deal renting their homes or apartments during the winter and summer seasons.

One of the famous California ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area is Squaw Valley. They consistently have good snow, and their grooming is top-notch. Back country bowls are excellent, as well, especially in good snow years. Terrain is excellent and geared toward intermediate, advanced, and expert skiers. The Village provides many options for staying onsite, and for dining during the day and after ski. You get a very European experience here, one that might keep you returning year after year. For many years it has a place in the top “most spectacular lift in America.” It starts at 1,890 meters and goes up to 2,500 meters in about 6 minutes. It was built for the 1960 Olympics and has remained in this place.

Another famous resort located in the north of Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows is an ideal location for snowboarding. In addition to boarding, guests can also enjoy beautiful lake views. Alpine Meadows is home to a new terrain park that make use of banks, rolls and other natural features of the mountain, allowing snowboarders to board, ride, jump and rail, all on the same term. About a quarter of the runs are suitable for beginners, while 40 percent are intermediate and 35 percent are for boarder experts. Transworld Snowboarding ranked in 2007 Alpine Meadows as a top value resort.