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New York City Attorney, Ross Abelow, Seeks To Help Distressed Animals

Through his GoFundMe campaign site, Ross Abelow is sourcing for $5,000 in order to provide homeless animals with shelter. The New City attorney was pleased to announce the launch of the Go Fund Me campaign. Launched in January, the campaign is focused on ensuring that all homeless animals, especially those at high risk, are sheltered from the cold weather.

In addition, the campaign seeks to supply the funds to different animal shelters. These resources shall cater for vaccines, medical care, food and blankets for the increasing number of animals under distress. Many animal centers are willing to increase the number of distressed animals in their shelters. However, lack of adequate resources and space makes it difficult for these animal shelters to take care of more animals. The additional funds sourced through the campaign shall help in alleviating distress suffered by these animals.

As part of his contribution to the community, Abelow was elected to lead the campaign of raising funds for the New York City’s animal shelters. The partner of Abelow and Cassandro LLP, Ross is well versed in matters of family law, commercial litigation and entertainment. Abelow has also been putting content on his personal blog besides other legal blogs. Abelow can be reached through his Facebook and Mashable accounts.

Animal lovers are urged to contribute towards ensuring that animals are provided with shelters. Abelow has played a pivotal role in ensuring that sick and hungry animals are taken off the street and provided with shelter.

About Ross Abelow

The New York attorney has extensive experience in divorce and entertainment law. Ross has helped divorcing couples to finish their divorce process. In addition, Ross has been helping entertainers living in the city with their litigation cases. Over the years, Ross represented some of the well-known entertainers in New York City. Ross provides legal services that focus on legal disputes, contracts and intellectual properties. The attorney believes that every entertainer should have a lawyer.

Ross has been providing a light touch on divorce proceedings. In divorce matters, Ross seeks to ensure that both parties get a fair deal through proper representation. Lawyers respect Ross because of his ability to specialize in more than one area of law. Many lawyers specialize in a given area. His versatility has endeared him to many clients. Anyone in need of a lawyer should consider enlisting the services of Ross Abelow. This information was originally published on Slide Share as expounded in the following link

Ross Abelow’s Law Career and Why you Should Hire his Services

Ross Abelow is a New York based lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in and out of court, the best lawyer to work with Abelow. Whether you want representation as an individual or as a business, he can be your best bet. He is licensed to practice law in New York and he is a member of professional bodies.


Ross Abelow’s area of expertise is matrimonial and family law. He is also an entertainment lawyer and has clients who are athletes and entertainers. Abelow also helps clients who are looking for legal advice before they sign business contracts. With his knowledge of commercial law, you can be able to know what you are getting into if you are signing a contract. He will also help you see any hidden agenda in the document before you sign it.


Ross Abelow is also a good lawyer if you are looking for someone to help you draft your will. Any lawyer will tell you that a will is very important since it helps your family and loved ones know your last wishes in case you pass on. Wills are also important as they make your family members make crucial decisions on your behalf in certain cases. One of these instances is where you are terminally ill and they have to choose between turning you off or let you stay on.


Abelow is an experienced lawyer and he is learned. He graduated from the Brooklyn Law School and has worked in New York City for a long time. When you choose him as your lawyer, you will sit down with him for your initial consultation. He will help you determine whether you have a strong case or not. If it is a legal matter that needs legal advice, he will be able to assist. In case the matter is not within his area of expertise, he will refer you to a lawyer who practices that area of law or find the answer for you.


Apart from practicing law in New York City, Ross Abelow is also a philanthropist. He is engaged in community services and has started a campaign to help pet shelters in New York City. His campaign, a Go Fund Me campaign that raised $ 5 000, was meant to help shelters take in more homeless animals who were left out in the cold. The money would also go towards buying them food, medicine and blankets.