Glen Wakeman who is the CEO of LaunchPad LLC has been giving guidance tips to upcoming and established CEOs with the sole purpose of educating them on ways to successfully run their companies successfully. He has also been posting these tips on his blog site to reach as many audiences as possible. He publishes ideas on topics such as management, administration, and strategic planning. Due to his many years of working in the business world in 32 countries of the world, Glen is qualified to be a mentor and provide insight to other entrepreneurs for them to reach their goals and realize their potentials (AnalystOfFinance). His company offers services of software that helps new entrepreneurs to put their ideas into a real-world practical plan. This toolkit provides the entrepreneurs with the guidance that allows them to form a new company with tips born of experience. It also connects the business owners to advisors, investors and capital providers.

Glen Wakeman is an MBA holder from the University of Chicago. He also graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. Despite attending university, Glen got most of his knowledge in the business world through experience. He worked at the GE Capital where he held a series of positions for 20 years in different countries in regions such as South America, Asia as well as Europe. The traveling gave him hands-on experience and knowledge in several sectors of the business world such as; business growth and development, regional and country management, operations, technology and general management.

Glen Wakeman was curious, and he wanted to find out the roots of failure in most startup businesses. He realized that most companies were failing due to lack of structure and plan. This curiosity became his motivation to start the company LaunchPad where he built the simple toolkit software to help develop structure into ideas for new businesses. Glen is a talented writer and a skilled entrepreneur, and many upcoming entrepreneurs can learn from him as he is very determined to give tips to clients, new business owners as well as established CEOs.

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