Gone are the days when every home like a castle or small palace was a prestige issue. Modern people do like luxury too, but the taste has shifted towards being more subtle implementation. Homeowners these days love to have luxe features without showing too much indulgence.

Molding can help you to achieve a luxurious ambiance without making your home look like a house in the big-budget reality TV show. Draw inspiration from these decoration ideas and put the suitable ones into your decoration to-do list next time when you are up for a home makeover. 

Crown Molding


Contemporary crown molding can be a nice design for incorporating a traditional feature into a modern home as it runs along the ceiling and walls of a room.Alex Moulding offered some modern styles that you can consider for your next home remodeling.The molding can be of various shapes, sizes, and widths and you can choose anything depending on the rest of the décor scheme in the place.

To make the fixture more delightful, you can go for a crown molding archway. It will catch attention even if you use just plain boards for the detailing. Throw satin silk window curtains and throw pillows, a gorgeous chandelier, and a large area rug into the mix, and the room will look like a grand retreat. 

Circular Crown Molding


A straight molding installed at the seam of the wall and ceiling is the most common type that you see everywhere. Changing the shapes to circular or zigzag will modify the look and grab attention. Nonetheless, you have to use custom-made molds for this purpose, which can be costly. If the budget is tight, go for high-density foam or faux crown molding.

Chair Rails

It denotes a thin piece of molding running around the room horizontally about the height of a chair. The rule of thumb is to install it at about 36 inches from the floor but any height will as long as it works with the room’s décor scheme. To give the place a fancy touch, attach wallpaper or apply a beautiful paint color in between the chair rail and the baseboard. Use a matching stain or paint for these two molding features to pull off a cohesive look. 



Baseboards are another form of molding that is installed at the meeting point between the walls and the floor. Depending on the ceiling, the fixture could be 3-8 inches. Adding it throughout the parameter of the room and carving hints of decorative details into the top can add a look of quality. If the color palette of the room allows, a strip of a bright shade on the boards will look fabulous.



It refers to a flat molding that frames around doors and windows. It does an excellent job in acting as a visual cue of transition between two rooms. However, just because you live in a modern home does not mean that you have to use casings with a simple profile. Wide casing trims featuring geometric or decorative patterns will bring a fresh look to a contemporary setting. If the room is large, the width will help to fit the style of the place without making it look busy. 

Don’t Ignore Simple Profiles


You don’t have to always look for decorating trim or moldings to insert the luxury factor. Curved molding can look utterly stunning and stylish if you can match the style and color to the rest of the room. Consider the ceiling as a canvas and let the thin molds create a beautiful picture.

Another way to highlight moldings with a simple silhouette is to paint them with an attractive color. It could be golden, silver, or anything else that you think will enhance the upscale vibe. However, don’t be tempted to use something over-the-top because it will only ruin the appeal. 

Moldings and trims are the commonly used features to transform a basic room into something visually compelling. These elements create a framework and give the place a complete look. If you can decorate them carefully, they will inject a timeless upscale style without being overbearing. The small, luxurious touches will make your living place feel like a grand escape.