Currently, efforts have started to establish a new Ukraine that will be a complete opposite of the old. The old Ukraine was weakened and riddled with corruption. This transformation is proving to be a rare experiment that is being carried out in a democracy. According to Soros, who is the director of Open Society Foundations, the trial is remarkable because it is helping in finding expression for those people who are devoted to defending the territorial integrity from the separatists.

Most of the individuals who believe in the emergence of a new Ukraine have left well-paying g jobs in parliament and government to be volunteers. These volunteers are doing a fantastic job in Ukraine. Some of them are providing assistance to the internally displaced people, while others are providing advisory services to the local government and ministers. One of the most dominant challenges the new Ukraine is facing comes from the old Ukraine. The old Ukraine is surrounded by a lot of bureaucracy that has been working with the business people. The reformers of Ukraine are also facing a lot of resistance from the Russian government, which is working tirelessly to destabilize Ukraine.

According to Soros, the policy that will see the emergence of the new Ukraine is, for now, a well-kept secret. Most Ukrainian people are not aware of the strategy because it is unimplemented. Most people have made comparisons between Ukraine and Georgia. When the Georgian president assumed power, he made many changes that included getting rid of the police department that was hated. During this period, the public noticed right away that governance had changed for the better. Ukraine is waiting for a moment like this because currently, you have to bribe the police for them to give you the service you need.

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The greatest thing about Ukraine is that, according to Soros, the country is democratic, and it does not have a monopoly of leadership. The country is governed by checks and balances that somehow make the systems move slowly. George Soros has argued that the biggest stumbling block of Ukraine’s take off will come from Russia. Although Russia is experiencing deepening economic crisis, the president has vowed to destroy Ukraine before it is established completely. Vladimir Putin, who is the presently the president of Russia, has decided to step up financial and military pressure on Ukraine.

Although Ukraine has an absolute right to defend itself against the Russian aggression, it needs funding. The western powers should make a political commitment providing assistance that is needed to reform Ukraine. If the strategy is to succeed, the reformers who are leading the implementation of the plans should agree to be accountable. The implementer should also allow the International Monetary Fund to play an oversight role of the kitty. Soros has argued that what is at stake is not the future of Ukraine alone, but that of the entire European Union. The defeat of Ukraine will embolden Russia and make it deal with its neighbors with authority instead of the rule of law.

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