The 2013 Robbery

In 2013, the South Brunswick Police charged a New Brunswick young man with the armed robbery involving a pizza delivery man in 2012. Parysh Wood, 21, whose street names are “P gun” and “Pistol,” was charged with the robbery being the leader of the gang involved in the incident. On Nov. 30, 2012, the pizza delivery man went to a house in the building complex on the Quincy Circle. The particular resident told the delivery guy that no pizza was ordered. Hence, he began to walk back to his car. At that juncture, three male suspects approached the delivery guy from behind and said that they ordered the pizza.


After walking back to his car to get the pizza, one of the three suspects drew a handgun, pointed it at the man’s head and demanded all the money he had collected. The suspects stole the victim’s money, wallet, and pizza before escaping from the scene to a neighboring parking lot. The suspects later fled the scene aboard an old model dark-colored minivan, as per the eyewitness reports. A criminal investigation by Det. Ron Seaman in conjunction with the Middlesex County Prosecutor obtained cellphone site data around that time and scene of the theft. Wood was as a result linked to the location and is currently held in a Middlesex Correction Center on $100000 bail.


The 2015 Incident

In 2015, at least one man was injured in a shooting incident at the New Brunswick flats and quickly rushed to a hospital in a private van, while police started investigating the case. The complex had been a crime hotspot in the recent years, and that day was no different since three or four gunshots reportedly heard at around 9:30 pm.


Police responded to the shooting in the area around 33 Commercial Avenue, and that was confirmed by Captain JT Miller, the spokesperson for New Brunswick Police Department. He said that an individual had walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital some time later with a minor gunshot wound. He said that detectives were actively investigating the case. The real identities of the victim and those of the suspects were withheld due of possible charges that were to follow.