Businesses venture in online shops and websites to get in touch with customers. They can attract more customers through the reviews they get from their current clients. Articles serve to keep customers on their site. It requires that reports should be helpful or healthy so that the customers can have an interest in a website. Often bad articles and negative customer reviews may appear on a site. The effects of negative reports are adverse. Bad articles scare away potential customers. Chances of a site popping up in a search tool also reduces. Therefore sales of products will reduce tremendously and traffic in a site will reduce. There is need to do away with bad and negative articles.

Do you have a lot of bad reviews that you would like to do away with? Bury Bad articles are there to help. Bury bad articles is an online reputation management team whose sole role is to assist you to do away with negativity in your website. As their name suggest they ‘Bury bad articles.’ Bad press will cost sales and Bury bad Articles understand that. They provide services to help you do away with negative reviews and articles that impact on your sales. Recently they conducted research that revealed that one article could cost a business the loss of as many as 22% of the customers. Many users consider buying a product from a review they come across online. If three negative reviews appear then, the potential loss of clients becomes 59.2%. As the number of negative reviews, feedback, and the negative press goes up, the sales go down. Bad reviews can have a lasting impact on a company’s ability to sell products and customers’ loyalty and trust.

A new study reveals that online reviews influence 67% of clients. Search engines have integrated so much into people’s daily activities. In 2014, Google processed over 1 trillion search queries. With all those search queries, many people are evidently taking search results very seriously. Online reviews are becoming a significant part of clients purchasing decisions. Companies ought to take negative reviews very seriously too. Consumers will rarely go past the first page of search results. It is, therefore, critical that companies keep the first page of search results as clean as possible. Having just one negative article on the first page will cost the loss of nearly a quarter of the consumers.

As more companies are going into online advertising, adverse reports should be a concern. The most popular search sites are Google, Amazon, Yelp, Wikipedia and TArip advisor. People will first go to those locations before buying a product. Companies and brands should invest time and effort into building a good reputation in these places.