Refrigerated dog food is one of the latest developments in the pet food industry. Higher quality meat and vegetables ingredients can improve your dog’s health, vigor and coat. Learn about how ground-breaking, premium Beneful dog meals are reducing preservatives in their high-end dog food products. “Refrigerate Fresher Ingredients” You probably can purchase a big bag of dog kibble and store it next to your big bag of salt in the basement. Kibble is made of ground-up meal especially designed not to deteriorate. Unfortunately, this preservative-rich dog food might also be very difficult to digest. The Daily Herald has reported that the $23.7 billion pet-food industry is seeing more premium products with fresh cuts of lamb, salmon, chicken and beef. These organic refrigerated products might also be preservative-free. “Four Course Dog Dining” Paleo Diets for pets are now available. Human family members might feel better losing weight if their animal members lose weight at the same time. Healthy pet food can help families save money on veterinarian bills. “Eat-Like-Your-Owner” While experts suggest that you should not share table scraps with your pets, most families still do. As family owners add more leafy vegetables to their diets, pet food manufacturers, such as Beneful are adding kale, spinach and sweet potatoes to doggie meals. Some of the most common maladies – fatigue, indigestion and insomnia – can be improved in humans with Vitamin B rich leafy vegetables. Of course, your dog’s metabolism is similar in many ways to humans. Dogs and humans are both mammals. Beneful grain-free, kibble-free, vitamin-rich diets “mimic the ancestral eating habits of dogs.” Create positive karma by aligning your entire household with the same healthy tastes, textures and flavors in healthy organic cuisine. Beneful has a rich dog product mix with eight dry food choices, twenty wet food choices and eleven treats. So, if you want to improve your dog’s well-being, then premium dog food would be a great option. Healthy Beneful dog food can lead to a long, joyful lifetime for your human and animal family members