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Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things

An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor, Jason Hope has built an impressive career. Hope is a native of Arizona where he attended Arizona State University. He earned a degree in finance and an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has an incredible knowledge of technology and has used it to become an expert in the technology space.Hhe uses his knowledge to stay on top of the industry and make logical predictions about the future of the industry.

Jason Hope is a huge believer in the Internet of Things. The term Internet of Things refers to developing a group of technology devices that work in sync together. In a world where so many devices connect to the internet in some way, this process allows for ordinary everyday products to the internet, becoming automated by other devices from afar. Jason Hope is a huge believer in this process and is convinced it is his responsibility to help society to learn to navigate this process.

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Hope is believes the future is bright for the Internet of Things. Hope believes more than 30 million objects will make up the internet of things by the year 2020. More and more object can be controlled remotely from app or from a computer. Jason Hope is convinced the market will continue seeing major increases in the availability and accessibility of these types of products for years to come.

Outside of his love for technology, Hope has a passion for giving back to the community. His favorite charity to give to is SENS, where he recently gave a large donation. SENS is dedicated to helping fight disease through the use of their technology. Hope is also focused on spreading his knowledge through writing. He recently released his own book titled, “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution. The E Book is a guide to what the internet of things really is.

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Pointers to a Good FreedomLife Insurance Cover

In an industry with an array of life insurance options, customers are at loggerhead when deciding on the best alternative to settle for. This a crucial decision since it calls for monetary commitment for a term or life until death. They all come with varied benefits and compensation, but there is need to find a suitable package based on your needs.

There are two possible reasons why one would consider a term life insurance coverage over a permanent life insurance one. If you are in need of a cover for a specific time frame and after that do away with the insurance, term cover is perfect. For instance, take a classical goal of investment purpose or education; you can take a policy with a maturity or execution duration based on your needs; say ten years or 20 years. Alternatively, you would consider a term life insurance if constrained of money yet your needs call for a larger cover.

A permanent life insurance basically means that it is executed throughout life and expires upon death but can pay to benefit a day after the policy is taken for years to come. It operates in a saving mode where premium accumulates and are exempted from tax and can be used as collateral for the loan. However, upon death, computations are done to establish what the company owes the customer from the policy before repaying the beneficiaries.

Premium rate similarly differs with a permanent policy having a higher figure than a term insurance. Term insurance rates fluctuate with age and economic times, but in a permanent insurance, the premiums are at a flat rate. A person who goes for a term insurance may consider the option of convertible term policies should they see the need to convert to a permanent insurance. There have been many companies offering same services with Freedom Life Insurance being at the helm. Learn more:

About Freedom Life Insurance

FLI was founded in 1956 in Fort Worth, Texas. It was initially known as Consolidated American Life Insurance Company before change name to Freedom Life Insurance. It offers a variety of insurance packages in accidents, credit, and health-related covers. It is a subsidiary company of the USHEALTH Group Inc.

Dick DeVos Is Giving A Hand To Many Worthy Causes

Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos was the CEO and son of the co-founder of the Amway company. Betsy DeVos is an active reformer and has been since her early years in college. She was heavily involved with political activities on her campus and was the leader of many committees and organizations including serving on the board as chairman for the Michigan Republican party for six years. He husband ran for Governor in Michigan in 2006 but lost to the incumbent.


Betsy DeVos is noted for her extensive philanthropy and her work to improve schools and education. She works diligently to get new programs in underperforming schools around the country. She is working hard to help improve an ineffective school system that needs growth and funding to be able to implement programs that will help children learn more efficiently. Both Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos work extensively to give back to the community and have made philanthropy their priority to date.



They founded their foundation called The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 in response to their wealth and desire to give back to those deserving causes that they champion. Dick DeVos has not only given to education reform but has also donated millions to the arts and to museums in various states. In 2010 Dick DeVos donated $22.5 million dollars to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management which was later renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. They also established a scholarship for those seeking an MBA or higher at Thunderbird School of Global Management to assist in the costs of finishing school.

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