Those looking to get started in the real estate world need not worry about being novices anymore! The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy shapes beginning real estate investors into top-selling realtors with long and successful careers at

Coming from humble beginnings, Nick Vertucci has certainly made a name for himself in the real estate community according to Having lost his father at a young age, his siblings and himself were raised by their single mother who worked long and tireless hours. Times were consistently tough and at age eighteen, Vertucci found himself living out of his van. After starting his own computer parts business several years later, he saw a few years of financial reprieve; things were looking up. However, after the dot com crash in 2000, he lost all of his financial stability and was struggling once again.

The hard times would continue for Vertucci until he attended a three-day real estate training seminar a friend had invited him to. This seminar would open Vertucci up to a new and promising possibility. Nick Vertucci was inspired to become a real estate investor and began the journey to his real estate success. After becoming an accomplished real estate investor himself, he vowed to teach others how to succeed in real estate. Committed to helping others get out of debt and transform their finances, Vertucci began the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Founded in 2013, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy teaches real estate beginners how to excel in the world of buying and selling properties. Using a team of industry leaders, Vertucci teaches students how to find deals, repair properties, overcome obstacles and sell a finished product on From flipping contracts to commercial investments, all aspects of real estate are covered at the academy and students soon become experts in the field.

The academy holds free real estate workshops, much like the one that began Vertucci’s career, in cities all over America. These workshops inspire students to commit to their goals in the industry and really excel at what they do. The academy has already had endless success stories of students who have turned their financial woes completely around and now make millions doing what they love.

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