Talk Fusion is a company that offers an ingenious video email messaging service, arguably the first of its kind. With the Talk Fusion App, users can now utilize their e-mail to perform video calling, video newsletters and so much more, all from their web browser. There’s no need for downloading bulky videos, waiting for them to load, only to then delete them–that is all in the past now.¬†Learn more:¬†


Talk Fusion’s software works by way of WebRTC, or Real Time Communication. WebRTC has been drastically underutilized for years, but Talk Fusion is working to revive it. WebRTC works by allowing browser users to permit the sharing of their browser codes to others, in this case, Talk Fusion. By utilizing these code, the full capabilities of web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox are unlocked, allowing videos to be embedded straight into the email.


This is the future, as video email hold unlimited possibilities. Users can send personalized videos to clients and make video-to-video calls — there’s even the potential of one day turning your email into a social media feed! The possibilities are endless, and truthfully, it is about time for the archaic e-mail to receive a system update, finally bringing it into the 21st century.


The company in question, Talk Fusion, is revolutionizing the world of marketing with their video e-mail. This is no surprise, as CEO and Founder Bob Reina, has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry. A respected industry man, he has accumulated such a following that he decided to establish Talk Fusion University in an effort to spread his wisdom to others so that they too may find success in the industry. With over 30 videos available, and more being uploaded on a regular basis, Mr. Reina breaks down his business strategies about marketing Talk Fusion to others, a part of his multi-level Marketing game plan that turned him from a zero to a hero, despite lacking any sales experience at the beginning of his career.


For more information on Talk Fusion’s award-winning products, visit their site.