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Upwork: How to Create an Efficient To-Do-List

To-do-list is one of the aspects that can exponentially increase one’s productivity. With a well-planned to-do-list, more tasks are likely to be completed. And with the accomplishment of tasks, some internal satisfaction arises hence a happier life. To help people increase their productivity, Upwork has recently published an article on their website giving tips on how to make an effective to-do-list.

Upwork is a leading global website that gives independent professionals and businesses a platform to interact. These interactions are about companies and business people looking for professional services from their registered freelancers. This mode of conducting business helps in saving time and costs.

First, one should note down all the tasks that he intends to accomplish for a day. By noting down, one will not have to keep remembering the tasks that he plans to complete. The mind will focus on the task at hand. Second, when planning one for a day’s work, one should make a to-do-list the day before. Prior planning will ensure that one utilizes the morning to the maximum by performing tasks which are more demanding rather than planning.

One should note down his to-do-list at one central place. One central source will ensure that no task slips through without being noticed. Also, it will save time as one does not have to go looking at different sources. The article urges readers also to break down their tasks. The breaking down of functions will assist in planning to the minute detail. Planning for the finer details eases work as one is aware of what to do on at least an hourly basis.

Lastly, one should bundle together similar tasks. This batching helps in going through the functions faster. The clubbing process should be accompanied by zooming in and zooming out processes. Zooming out is where you determine significant activities while zooming in is where you define the minor actions that make up the primary activities. Upwork encourages its clients and subscribers to try these tips. These will ensure that their productivity is improved


YES! Fagali Airport is back in business!

Fagali Airport has been getting a lot of press lately and for a good reason. Fagali Airport is finally reopened and ready to show off everything this fantastic Island has to offer. Polynesian Airlines are the ones responsible for this because they own the entire airport. They provide daily flights to and from Pago Pago. Once you land on this beautiful Island, you will see why re-opening this airport was such a breath of fresh air! This airport is a smaller airport, but it is open to the public and services the Apia regions of Fagali. Read this article about Fagali Airport at Radio New Zealand

Two airlines fly in and out of the Fagali Airport, the Talofa Airways, and the Samoa Airways. Once you touch down, you will be greeted by the worlds friendliest airport staff. Then they will guide you to where you need to go. There are countless things to do and places to go and people to see so make sure you bring your camera because you are going to want to take a lot of pictures. You can catch a night show called Fia Fia night where you can watch built men twirl fire sticks around with such power and control it will amaze you! You can also see the delicate native dances of the ladies. This is very popular and for a good reason. You feast while you are entertained on some of the best cuisines the Island has to offer.

If this does suit you there is always snorkeling or scuba diving at one of the many white sandy beaches. The waters are so bright and full of fish you are bound to see all kinds of exciting things. You can also take a day trip and plan an excursion through the jungles. Either way, you are going to have a great time. Sometimes the airport has daily deals, and they save you money on restaurants and activities around town. You can not leave this Island without getting a souvineer. There are so many shops around town that sell one of a kind authentic pieces you will love to make sure to do your research so you can find the most amazing things to take home that will fit your budget. Check:


Jason Hope: The Inevitable Rise of Beneficial IoTs

What are the things that are most important to everyday life? No doubt that many will look down at their smartphones or other mobile products that have managed to make life so much easier for them. These devices have become important in today’s technologically minded society. While many have lived through the rise of such technology, there will be generations that will not understand what it was like without them. This may sound like a bad thing, but in fact, technology is one of the earmarks of modern humanity. Experts, like Jason Hope, believe that it will only get better through the uses of IoT.

Since his early days in the technology industry, Jason Hope has been a major contributor to his field. Not only has he shown his worth as a formidable businessman, but he is also a celebrated futurist. He has used his skills of market predictions to successfully grow a network of companies that are still thriving under his tutelage. He relies on a collegiate experience in both Business and Finance to inform all his gut decisions. Through all his success, Hope has rightfully earned stellar reputation.

Hope’s e-book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” helps consumers understanding the IoT network. He goes through what devices are IoT enabled and even discusses how to use those devices. Some of the other information that consumers might find helpful are his thoughts on security and connectedness. Throughout the work, Hope expounds the beneficial nature of IoTs on society, as well as the costs that strict regulations of such technology could have. His riveting e-book is available on

The IoT, or Internet of Things, are devices that are connected through the internet and can communicate to one another. In the simplest terms, it is an internet of connected objects. This could be as simple as a smartphone or as complicated as a smart house. People everyone are finding ways to automate their lives, and IoT technology is at the forefront. The reason Hope believes that it is so important for consumers to familiarize themselves with the technology is that the use of it has become inevitable. It is a wonderful technology designed to help create comfort, and consumers should learn to use it properly. Hope wrote his e-book wanting to usher consumers into the next wave of technology. IoTs are here and they are going to become commonplace very soon.

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