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Jason Hope: A passionate Philanthropist

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, futurist and investor that grew up in Tempe, Arizona and stayed local. He now lives close to his hometown in Scottsdale. He received a degree in finance from Arizona State University as well as an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business and uses those degrees to help the community around him as well as the global community. He stays close to the community that he loves because he thinks that this is where he can do the most good.

Jason Hope has a clear desire to give back to the community and shows this passion by offering charitable donations to foundations that are equipped to help as well as staying active in organizations. Hope co-founded the SENS foundation, which Aubrey de Grey serves as the leader and chief science officer of, about 8 years ago and has personally contributed more than $10 million to it. On December of 2010, he donated $500,000 to the SENS foundation in which enabled them to build the Cambridge SENS laboratory. A laboratory that will be used to further research done on anti-aging and possibly find cures for diseases that break down the body and cause us to age faster than we typically would.

Jason Hope has a passion for technology and is a supporter of the internet of things. He has stated that the internet of things has already changed almost every aspect of life as we know it and that we are only limited by our own creativity when it comes to technology. He recently released a new eBook on Amazon titled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” Jason Hope is hopeful for the future but sees our role in making that future play out the best that it can. He sees the future for what it can be and does what is in his power to make it the best that it can be.

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Jason Hope’s Stellar Record as a Businessman, Investor, Futurist, and a Devoted Philanthropist

Jason Hope is among the most respected and top technology investors in the U.S. The Arizona based entrepreneur commands lots of respect across the globe due to his in-depth mastery of technology and ability to make well-informed predictions concerning the future of Internet of Things (IoT). Hope uses his extensive understanding of IoT to invest and foster the growth of healthcare technology.

Insights on future of IoT

Hope is highly optimistic that the power of IoT will play an integral role in improving lives and transforming modern society. Through IoT, many technological devices will become connected. Hope uses his writing talents to write articles that offer advice and insights concerning technology. Entrepreneurs and businesses can capitalize on this advice to invest and reap big from IoT for more info about us: click here.

What drove Jason to invest in mobile communication technology?

Even as a boy, Jason Hope had the ambition of becoming an entrepreneur. He got an opportunity to pursue finance degree at Arizona State University. Upon graduating, he went back to the same university and pursued an MBA. Armed with exceptional academic credentials, Hope decided to venture into mobile communication technology. According to him, mobile communication technology had many benefits and ability to reach millions of people.

Jason Hope believes that mobile technology is underexploited, and it has sufficient room for growing and improving. He laid a solid foundation in medical research and technology by offering high-quality text message services.

What are the main sources of income for Jason Hope?

Jason Hope earns money from his several technology companies. In the early days of his technology career, he founded Java, a top mobile communications firm that has continued to serve as an umbrella company for other acquired firms and partnerships in the tech sector. Hope owns companies that offer marketing services, business information systems, digital media solutions, and interactive software.

How Hope handles challenges

Hope knows that new ideas, concepts, or products raise many questions and pose many challenges. Therefore, he is always prepared to come up with good solutions for challenges that he encounters. He is driven by his strong passion for technology and his commitment to creating effective technology.