World Association for Sustainable Development is a world body that brings together experts from the different field all around the world to discuss matters to do with sustainable development in science and technology management. WASD main task is to help in the exchange of ideas among experts, students, and even countries. They do this by organizing seminars and conferences. The information gathered is written in journals and books and disseminated all over the world. One man at the heart of all of this is a Sudanese national Professor Kamil Idris.

Professor Idris is a scholar of high repute. He is the current president of WASD. His story in the academic scene is exemplary. Graduated with LLB honors from Khartoum University. He advanced his study in Egypt by graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, political science, and economics from Cairo University. His thirst for education was not quenched there, he got himself a masters in International law and international affairs from Ohio University in the United States. Finally, he earned his doctorate degree in Geneva, Switzerland which he majored in International Law. Professor Kamil Idris has received 19 honorary degrees from different university around the world. He served as a member of International Law Commission of the United Nation and also served in the International Union for protection of New Varieties of Plants. However, Professor Kamil Idris is well known for his role as the director of World Intellectual Property Organisation.

The professor joined WIPO in 1982 and moved up the rank until he became the director in 1997. He served in this capacity for more than 11 years. A statement he gave on the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day as it was celebrating its 8th anniversary, actually summarises the importance of this international organization.

Protection of intellectual property is an important part of our living. Innovations by an individual that have dedicated their lives to research should be protected and should be appreciated. Innovators and inventors have helped mankind make a step from drawing in the cave to printing millions of books. It was his Job to safeguard such innovations, plant varieties and now he leads an organization trying to sustain the world. He is truly the guardian of our galaxy.