Talk Fusion is considered a market leader in advertising as it constantly implements innovative strategies and techniques. The award-winning company is known for providing effective video marketing solutions. As a market trend setter, Talk Fusion has been at the forefront in promoting and advocating for video marketing techniques. Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of the video marketing company, regularly shares insights on how to make video sharing the core of any marketing strategy.


In his most recent article in Martech Advisor, Bob Reina shared his vision for video sharing concept. He outlines some of the most innovative and fastest growing video sharing techniques that have emerged. According to Reina, his business strategies are based on market analysis, consumer trends, and the current growing popularity of videos.

Reina observes that for a long time, the video has been an untapped market sales and marketing tool. However, in recent years, consumer trends and habits have changed to include more preference for video content. Organizations and companies around the world have noticed the significant impact that video has in their marketing concepts. As such, global corporates and organizations are beginning to incorporate video sharing into their marketing strategies.

Live Streaming

Streaming live videos has become increasingly popular not only in social sites but also in the marketing world. Live streams allow the audience to connect with the brand on a more personal level. With live streaming, businesses can engage with potential customers live via Q & A sessions and behind the scene tours. Marketers are embracing the live stream concept as it provides them with real-time customer feedback and response. The live stream is a way to enrich communication between brand and its consumers.

One Time Experience

Marketers need to capture the attention of their viewers for a certain period. The advent of snap chat allows video and content to be shared for a limited period. Marketers have leveraged the use of Snapchat to lure their audience into viewing their content. Most viewers are intrigued by chance to have a one time only experience.

360% View

The recent innovation in video technology is the 360% view, which allows video to be watched from every angle. The 360% video provides a personal touch as it allows the viewer to be immersed in the recorded moment. Marketers who have incorporated the technology have reported significant improvement in viewership.