Many people believe renting out there house is a fast an easy way to make money. The problem with temporary renters is they can cause damages you insurance may not pay to fix. When you have tenants you are responsible for any damages to your property, your neighbors property, illegal activities, lawsuits, and theft. Sometimes your tenants do not even pay for their housing. Another concern is most insurance policies do not cover short-term rentals. Prior to taking in tenants it is advisable to speak with a wealth investment manager.


Wealth Solutions Richard Blair can give you expert advice targeted for your situation. He owns Wealth Solutions and has 22 years of experience in securities. His company provides financial planning, advisor services, and helps individuals with a high net worth. He has helped numerous individuals reach their investment goals. He is an expert regarding integrated financial planning, estate taxes and planning, asset protection, securities, employee benefits, and insurance. Learn more:


Through Wealth Solutions Richard Blair offers solutions to help people successfully manage their wealth. He uses advanced technology so he can give his clients innovative services and products. He has been certified as an Investment Advisor, an Estate and Trust Specialist, a Funds Specialist, an Annuity Specialist, and a Retirement Income Professional. His clients achieve optimum results with minimum risks. Learn more:


Richard Blair additionally works with his clients regarding their retirement planning. He has a strong commitment to investment and financial planning which resulted in his consistent education regarding advanced techniques and trends available in his industry. Since he attended college his passion has been in helping and educating others in their personal finance goals. This was what led him to the industry for financial services. As soon as he graduated college in 1994 he founded Wealth Solutions. He uses his company as a vehicle to deliver professional strategies, optimize benefits, minimize taxes, create extremely viable streams of income, invest in real estate, and in the process help his clients meet their financial goals.


Richard Blair is highly respected as an independent financial advisor, a Certified Fund Specialist, a Certified Annuity Specialist, a Retirement Income Certified Professional, a Certified Income Specialist, a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, and a Certified Tax His expertise, knowledge, and unique skills have allowed many client to reach their financial and retirement goals. Richard Blair finds helping individuals establish and reach their personal goals both incredibly challenging and extremely rewarding.