The Chainsmokers are a DJ/Production duo that released their first album in April, 2017. They won a Grammy just out the gate with “Don’t Let Me Down” winning for Best Dance Recording. The duo, the Chainsmokers is made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, both of whom have a long history of working as DJs. Their love of the electronic manipulation of sound led to them deciding to unify and create their musical team.

In their interview by Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, they spoke of what makes their duo so successful. In the past, Chainsmokers has always featured other artists singing their songs. For the first time, Andrew Taggart will be singing along with up and coming artist, Halsey on their new 2018 release, “Closer”. This is a very different move for the Chainsmokers. In the past, they have worked with the vocals from Coldplay, ROSEZ, Phoebe Ryan and Daya. This is a step toward becoming recognized as artists and not simply electronic music masters.

The Chainsmokers are trying to change the view of the music industry that views them as merely electronic DJs. They want to be seen as musicians and so they are working to establish a more distinguished identity. Most people are unaware of the fact that unlike many artists with music on the billboards, the Chainsmokers collaborate with their song writers. This fact made it even less tolerable for others to see them as simply DJs. Both Pall and Taggart were aware of their own artistic growth and it wasn’t fully reflected in the old music. It was obvious in their most recent music, but it hadn’t been released. Their most recent release “Closer” is only one of those new songs revealing another layer of their musicality.

Both Alex Pall and Taggart were introduced to the electronic genre through DJing and each spent many hours DJing for a living. Loving the genre made it easy for them to collaborate on the music they loved when they decided to form the duo, Chainsmokers. They worked together non-stop for hours and days. Now, going forward, the Chainsmokers will still perform their shows live, but they will continue to add new layers as they evolve as musical artists. They will make another trip around the world, sharing their music with their 16-25 year old fans as they continue to evolve.