Net1 Technologies is the patent holder for a unique blockchain technology for smart cards, which includes the typical credit and debit cards that most people around the business world use today. Net1 was founded by Serge Belamant, the same man that created the patented blockchain technology now being used by his company. As CEO for Net1, Serge is mostly concerned with building new business relationships in the market to expand his own company. Right now, Net1’s technology works with Visa’s and Mastercard’s and it can be used to purchase products online with the same effect.

Serge developed technology that goes into these debit cards at Net1 is known as UEPS and was first developed in 1989 by Serge Belamant. Just after Serge developed the saswitch system, he decided to leave his company and focus on innovations on his own platform and he founded Net1 UEPS Technologies. Within the first few years of developing his blockchain technology in 1989, Serge was gathering clients in the banking industry, making his patented technology a huge success. Because of the technology used inside these UEPS cards, they do not need to be attached to a central computer for reading, but instead, they can be used offline in nearly all circumstances.

Serge Belamant has many accomplishments throughout his working career that are noteworthy, but many would not expect them from a man with his upbringing. He certainly wasn’t privilege to wealth or opportunity while growing up. Serge was born in 1953 in France and he only stayed there until 1967, when his family moved across the world to South Africa. Luckily for Serge, he was able to get an education for himself and after completing high school, he attended the University of Witwatersrand. About Serge Belamant, he studied many different subjects during college, including engineering, computer science, and mathematics, but ultimately he chose to focus on technology and software.